Sunday, December 28, 2008

~Vintage Gift Wrap~

Hello My Sweets!
I hope your Christmas/Holiday has been warm and glowing and you've found your way out of the maze of ribbons,bows and gift wrap on the carpet!

As I played in the studio yesterday, I unearthed, or rather rediscovered, a large bundle of vintage gift wrap.
About 2 days before Christmas, and in the mad rush to beat the clock, I had a brief race through Savers, while everyone sat in the car with the stopwatch.
(atleast that's what it felt like...)
But I had "the itch".
And as time was of the essence,I headed straight for the End Caps and The Hooks where the bags of ribbon,little frames,bits and bobs are under $2.00.
Basically, I grabbed I don't know,maybe 20 a few mixed bags~
Australian Rules shopping!

One of them was a bundle of fun vintage gift wrap.
Here are the most charming of the lot for you to see.

First are two darling children's patterns.

Isn't the little cowboy wrap adorable!!!!!?
I have the perfect idea for this paper,Cowboy Carter!
The teddies are very sweet too and the muted colors are very pretty.

here are some super sweet baby shower patterns.

My favorite is on the left~the colors and artwork are so cute!
But put on your sunglasses to look at the paper on the right!
Yowza! Let's see...1971 would be my guess!
How 'bout you?

Here are some more colorful wrappings.

The paper with the stockings is cute isn't it? I'll definately use it Christmas 2009.
The others could be used all year 'round.

Below are some vintage florals and some marvelous wedding gift wrap.
Love the Bride~so shabby chic!

For the bird lovers~here are some pretty Spring patterns.

For the Angel lovers~

and lastly,in my estimation, here are the oldest of the bunch.

Isn't it fun to see what can be found in just a few fast minutes!
Gotta to love this artsy, thrifty life!

with love and vintage happiness~
your friend,


gin said...

Only a few vintage gift wrap you say??--I think I counted 18 patterns in your pictures, but hey who's counting right?? hehe They are absolutely great gift wrap patterns. You were in the right place at the right time I would say.

Shell said...

Don't you love vintage gift wrap? I have some vintage birthday cards of mine that I'm keeping to do something cute. Not sure what, it will come to me. I especially like the teddy bears and the baby shower images.

Priscila said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the cowboy one is sooooooooooo CUTE!!! What a find girlie! our thrift store never has any wrapping paper and if they did it would be exspensive...ahhhhhhhhhh the cowboy one is soooo darn stinkin cute~

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Tina!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE that vintage paper!! You are so lucky :) I have a weakness for vintage paper too. Especially birthday and anything with woodland animals!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and have a very happy, safe New Year!

Big Hugs,

Holly said...

Great papers! Ha-ha, I can totally relate to that stop watch thing! Well, my first thought on seeing the Cowboy paper was also- CARTER'S ROOM! :>

I finally ordered some vintage Children's cards and I'm soooo excited to get them! Or did I already tell you that? :>

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Wow!! YOu hit the vintage wrapping paper motherload! lol They are so cute...I love the florals, every one of them..and those cowboys are really cute too. Lucky you!
Smiles, Karen

Holly said...

Hi, Tina! Whatcha been creating latley?

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Tina!!

Stopping by to wish you and your family and wonderful, safe new year!


Holly said...

Hi, Tina! Thanks for being so sweet to me!

Lori said...

Tina, what a great haul!!! thanks for popping over to visit with me...have a wonderful and Happy New Year!!!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Those wraps are wonderful. If we lived in the same place, I'd be meeting you at the end caps! I'm the queen of end cap sale shopping! (I'm really trying to be good and stay away from those after Christmas sales, Really!) Can't wait to see what you'll come up with. Love the cowboys.

Southern Lady's Vintage said...

WOW!! You found some great old gift wrap!!