Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flinging You Some Spring Color!

Noonday was sunny and glorious here in the Sonoran Desert.
The temperature was in the low 70's and there were just a few
little cottony puffs of cloudlets floating about in the cornflower blue sky.
I did the usual morning run to the post office.
Then went for a walk with Abby so we she can lose a few
*ahem* inches.
Yes,our darling "Slew Foot Susie" is on an Exercise Program.
That waistline has to come in some.
So does Mother's.

So walk we must.
After,cooling off and cleaning up,Abby fell into NoddyLand,
and napped on the cool tile floor, till the schoolbus rolled up the street at 3:45pm!
I jumped in the pickup and drove to Home Depot for a few plants to add to the front yard.
It's looking a little barenaked in terms of color.
I used to have this gorgeous succulent ground cover, a mini ice plant that looked like a beautiful bright purple Spring carpet.
But lots of childrens feet trampled it something happened to it a few years ago,and since then, it's been a no show.
Now my youngest child and his friends are in the 12-13 year bracket.
Do you think it's safe to replant yet?!
Do you think they will actually~
Stay On The Path?
Me Neither!

I couldn't find the particular variety,anyway...
so this is what went in the ground instead.
Let it be known that Dylan and all his neighborhood friends are on Springbreak for 12 days from this Friday.
We'll see what the future holds with these little plants by the end of the month.
It should be fairly amusing and maybe even pretty!

Here they are freshly planted this afternoon.

I also purchased a Cassia Shrub (bush,tree?).
I have an older sister on one side of the flagstone path and (again years ago....) tried to plant a second on the otherside. Well, "sister" wasn't hardy enough for the sneakers and footballs, and so here we go again.

It has a bit of a yaw already, which i am hoping corrects itself in the sunlight tomorrow!
Otherwise I will need to prop her up a bit!

Here is a beautiful plant that is know here in Arizona as a Bush Morning Glory.
I love the masses of white flowers they bloom. They close at the end of the day when the sun goes down,just like the vine Morning Glory (or Blue Bells) that grow throughout the South and in the Islands.
However, I don't think they're related.
If any of you know about this, I would love to learn about the difference in these two plants.

And lastly, here is a little view of the front porch through the sage bush.

I hope this has freshened some ~end of Winter~ doldrums and given you some Spring color,vim and vigor!
Have a restful evening~
and come back soon!


Sheila said...

OH thanks for the ray of sunshine..I went out and bought some flower seed yesterday and was going to get busy , but now we are going to have another round of snow and mabey ice.. lol It is Arkansas.. Waiting now for another week or so.. We have simular plants called buttercups like your last plants.. Ours are pink..

Holly said...

Hi, Tina! How did I miss this post??? Thanks for showing your colors! I just bought a bunch of my favorites- pansies! I think I'll wait for the all the snow to melt before I plant them though. ☺

Your boy dilemma sure sounds familiar...

Hope you have a happy week end!

~ ♥ ♥ ~