Saturday, May 31, 2008

In the Studio

Happy Saturday My Sweets!
I am at the library this afternoon because our Internet Server is down.
Wow! The few days that we have been offline has felt like being isolated on a desert island! Do any of you feel the same way when you can't just pop online whenever you want?
But the flip side is that when we are back up, it will be grateful that I am able to have a computer.
It makes me a more compassionate person, when I think about the many people who don't have the basic nessessities in life~shelter,food,safety.So I cannot allow myself to feel annoyed or inconvenienced by something so trivial. Instead the question I asked myself was: "What can I do to step outside myself and do for others?"
When I came to the Library, my question was answered. A sign on the door was posted that read:
Book Sale
Yipee! There are so many childrens books and wonderful hardbacks and DIY Books for 50 cents~a dollar. So I have bought a bundle to take to the local rest home and also to a domestic violence shelter. It feels like Christmas, even though it is almost 100 degrees here in Arizona.
Doing for others is such an expansive and joyful feeling!
So today I remain grateful.

I will be offline for about a week and then I will have new photos to post of my collections at home. I will be busy working on pieces to list on my art and add some vintage goodies to fleurvintage~also on etsy.
Looking forward to writing to you all again!
Until next time much love and warmth~Sweetina