Monday, July 14, 2008

My Desert Botanical Garden

~Here we are at the front yard again. The studio is just inside the window, so i can see the view.

~The potted Aloe Vera looks well hydrated, thanks to the Summer Monsoon~

~Giant Hesperaloe has curly,festive tips like party streamers~

~In the foreground is a red Yucca which is at it's best this year. Just behind is a red Bird of Paradise that has taken 18 months to grow this high. I may need to add something to the soil....Errm.... sand and caliche,rather~

~Feather Bush~This is a tree now and has pretty fuzzy "pom poms" that cover the ground below in the Spring. In the Summer it produces the pods above which are not so pretty!

~Yellow Bush Lantana ~(shrub variety)

~A young Cardon Grand~Mind your step!

~Purple Trailing Lantana spilling out of a terra cotta pot~

~Blue Yucca, don't you love the blue grey color?!

~This Yellow Bush Lantana has recovered nicely from the Winter~

~Blue Myrtle Cactus~

~Bouganvilla~my favorite~

~Red Yucca blossom~


Hope you had a nice little tour~come back again soon!