Monday, July 14, 2008

Sweet Summer Morning

I missed you!
Summertime can be so busy,but it's fun-busy.

How do you spend your morning before work or before the children awaken?
I use this time of day~to reconnect with God,doodle in my art journal and write a to-do list.
The sky is so blue here in Arizona~have a peek.

The morning always begins when Abby and Fuzzy come into the bedroom and nuzzle me awake at 6:00 am.
"It's breakfast time!"
I putter into the kitchen to feed them and freshen their water and "talk". I always talk to my pets!

After the kettle has boiled, Abby and I go for a gentle stroll around the block.
Isn't the mountain gorgeous this morning?!

The tea is steeping in the teapot so it's the perfect strength when we return.
Come join me! We are just a few steps away from my home.

Here we are then.


The tea is just the right temperature.
Do you take milk and honey?

This is my favorite tea set.
My sweet Yum Yum Cups are from the beautiful and sweet Constanza at Boubelina2.
And the lovelyLiz at TumbleweedCottage
This is a cozy corner of the kitchen, it's a soothing and happy place.

The sweet Cupcake Fairy on the wall was created by the amazing Dee of Sassy1520. She is a sweetheart and such an amazing artist. I liked the Cupcake Fairy so much that I purchased it's fraternal twin in aqua!
Do stop by and have a peek at these 3 wonderful shops on etsy.

Why don't we go outdoors and have a look at my desert garden. The Monsoon doesn't roll in till later this afternoon.
Let's go!


Sadie Lou said...

Those tea cups are so sweet!
I wish tea would do it for me in the morning--I'm a coffee gal myself!
Thanks for the LolliShops Love in your sidebar!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Sound like a lovely wake-up routine--and I really like your little cozy corner, I'd love to come and have a cuppa.
Smiles, Karen

Bristol said...

I love the teacups, very sweet. Enjoyed finding and visiting your blog~!

Sweetina said...

Thank you all for your sweet comments and stopping by~
love ya~ Sweetina

Stink Bone Jones said...

I AM SO EXCITED you are my swap partner! I think we have such similar fun and whimsical tastes. I cannot wait! I love your style as well and just hearted your ADORABLE shop! Thanks! Jaime

Sweetina said...

Thanks so much Jaime! I hearted you also and now we are flickr friends also! I love your shop and your work is beautiful and fun!