Thursday, August 7, 2008

Countdown till School and an Etsy Shop Tour

I actually had a decent stretch of time in the studio, with no interruptions while my son,Dylan, entertained himself.
This is rare.
So rare infact, that I was suspicious.

Silence usually means he's up to something.
Hmmm... what has my 12 year old so riveted?
'Better go take a peek.
(Let me back track here.) Dylan can be "somewhat" mischievous.
He's not destructive or a troublemaker,
just a prankster.
A prankster with big brown eyes and long sweeping eyelashes.

But today, he was good as gold.
I think he's relishing every last minute of Summer Vacation.
Thanks DMan! You are so awesome!

Speaking of mischief, I'm going to post 2 sneak peeks of swap goodies that I've made for for my Fairy Swap partner Jaime.
I hope she loves everything! I really had fun, because creating for someone special is so joyful and positive. You'll feel the same way if you'd like check out Jaime's blog.(Just click on her name above)

What do you suppose this is?

I see some lace here :)

I am a much better giver than receiver.
(don't get me wrong... i love getting handmade and vintage presents!)
It's just heart swelling to give.

If you feel the same way~feel free to leave me a comment.
I'd love to see how each of you feel about this.

Gosh! I have fallen of course here...

You'll have to wait for August 25th to see Jaime's goodies~
But, I can show you some beautiful and creative listings in her shop~which is named after (a nickname for) her completely adorable little boy.

Let's take a look~shall we?!

Oh my goodness~look at this devine listing.
It's so cottagey and sweet.

Jaime has created a lovely crepe paper "posey" with an encouraging poem by
Emily Dickenson.
It reads:

"Hope is a thing with feathers
that perches in the soul
and sings the song with the words
and never stops at all"

Why not hang this cottage-sweet posey right next to your bed and start each day with positive thoughts,affirmation and shabby chic beauty.

Below is a devine Banner that Jaime will customize for you to celebrate your wedding or bridal shower.
(Or the shower you're throwing for your sister or friend.) This color combination~strawberry,hot pink and chocolate is both sweet and classic.And very now.

Lastly, my very favorite listing here this week is a froufrou fabulous brooch. The aqua tulle is so romantic and feminine topped with a petite white bow.
The brooch is intended for little girls to wear on their shirt or dress, however, they may be used to embellish a gift,hat,purse or anything you can think of.

Don't you just love it?!Jaime is right:
" A big girls can wear it too!"

I've really enjoyed window shopping with you all today.
Etsy is a great place to shop online for all things handmade and vintage.
Next time you're on in the etsy neighborhood, pop in to StinkBoneJones and see more of Jaime's listings.

Before turning in for the evening, here are a few photos of my little art studio today.
Hey! Somebody's in my chair!
It's Miss Fuzzy~our Marmalade Cat(read:Snugglebunny)

Part of a collection of Satin Vanity Boxes

Don't let this picture fool you. I am hardly ever this neat when i work.

Monday is "Back To School" for most children here in Arizona.
I will be able to work for a few hours in a row.
~without the noise
~without the "Mom, can you get me a drink?"
"Mom can you find a lego piece for me?"
It will be peaceful,
but far too quiet.
Abby,Fuzzy and I will miss that contagious laugh
and big brown eyes.
and even the interruptions.
Summer went by too fast again.
Have a Sweet Evening~



Stink Bone Jones said...

You are just INCREDIBLE! I cannot wait to see what you cooked up for sweet old me! Thanks for the shop plug and loving my little creations. I might be a little late in our swap because of drying time. I'll let you know though.

Those collection of satin boxes, to die for! Thanks luv, and I am going to do something fun like this on my blog for you too!

Little Pink Studio said...

Your studio space is wonderful! Love the satin boxes and how you have embellished them!