Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Guess where I'm from?!

This Summer I'm missing:~
clear aqua ocean and pink sand
speaking with an accent and local humour
the scent of frangipani and salt air
the sound of tree frogs and kisskadees
codfish cakes and mussel pie
Cup Match and Crown & Anchor
Calypso and soca
Driving 32 K on the left.
rain on one side of the street and sunny on the other!

Below is a collection of Etsy Listings from the place I'm describing above.
I was amazed to find so many shops with items from there~afterall, it is just a tiny little dot on the map.
I lived on that little dot from 7 years old till 42 years of age. We get back about every 2 years, or when the airlines are having a "Seat Sale".

Quick! Any guesses before you peek?

I am a British Subject and Bermudian,and an American by birth. My children are actually "Born Bermudians".
Even though i miss the island~i'm very content and at home here in Arizona.
There are even some similarities.
Got Sand?!

The moral of this post is:

You can take me off the sand,but you can't take the sand off me!
Still an Island Girl~
All day :)

and so

This Summer I'm grateful for~
my 3 wonderful children
my family and pets
my artsy etsy life
being a member of CSST and making new friends
the future and Lollishops
sonic grape slushies and caramel java chillers

Enjoy the listings and be sure to visit some of these great Etsy Shops and Sellers.



Karin@creativechaos said...

Hi! just jumping over form Etsy....love your little christmas ornaments....Talk to you soon! Karin

Mrs.Kwitty said...

How cool--that is one place I've always thought would be so cool to visit! And you were there for soooo long! I like your thankful list--mine is very similar :o)
Have a fantastic summery day!
Smiles, Karen

fashionfrenzy said...


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