Wednesday, August 20, 2008

So. The postman comes to the door and says...

"Knock Knock"
Sweetina: "Who's there?"
Postman: "Two"
Sweetina: "Two what? Two if by Sea? The Doublemint Twins?"
"Postman: "hahaha~You're supposed to say: "Two-who?"
Sweetina: "Right-right..errm...two who?"
Postman: "Two packages have arrived for you!"

I was so excited that it seemed like i was turning the doorknob for an hour!

Sweetina: "The Fairy has arrived!"
Postman : "Hello?! Do i look like a Fairy to you?"
Sweetina: "If you were wearing a Tutu you might.
Oh! And with a wand...
Yes-Rather like a Fairy then!heehee!"

My Sweet Fairy Swap Partner Jaime sent not one,but two packages.And they arrived on the very same day! Wait till you see what she made for me! I am so lucky and super spoiled!
Before I show you,let me say that Jaime and I have never met in person.
However, it's as if she's known me for ages!This beautiful and stunningly sweet work of art was embellished with all my favorite things:~
beautiful Vintage brooches,one is a sweet little bird,a cottagey pink and white (fairy~sized)framed picture,the most gorgeous millinery~note the vintage wedgewood blue velvet posy on the right. I've seen these in a very special shop and longed for one.
How did Jaime know?
Maybe a little fairy told her?

Or maybe we have the same (excellent;) taste!
But i am not done yet!
Jaime took the time to painstakingly add glitter and sequins and crystals as frames around some of the "areas" (you'll see in a minute!)
How did she find the time with a two year old little(adorable)son?!
How did she do that? Must be Magic :)

She used one of my favorite materials for one of the posies~pink tulle!
The "piece de resistance" is an image of someone you may remember from childhood. When i was a tiny "fairy" myself at 3,4 and 5 years old, I wanted to be this girl.
My Mother and i read this book every night. I looked at the pictures and imagined being her.And do you know this is the first time i've seen her since.
To see her again is very touching and sentimental.
You see,my parents passed when i was very young.
But as soon as i saw the image,i was back in the room, in the house where it was read to me.
So this is a wonderful memory!
Thankyou, Sweet Jaime.
I won't keep you waiting any longer so~The reveal!
Tah! Dah!

Isn't this the most gorgeous candy sweet and yummy collage you have ever seen?
See "The Little Ballerina?" My first idol. (Before Marsha Brady!)

I am inlove with this!
I have already hung it in the familyroom, so we can see it all the time.

The second package was filled with the most wonderful ribbons,buttons and embellishments ~ all fit for a Queen. Even the gift wrap (left side of photo) is beautiful! Have a look at the Bunny Tags...they are so adorably cute!Jaime included a sweet vintage Christmas Card image with a girl in her winter coat and muff for her little hands. She's precious!
I love the blue ballerina and all the sweet embellishments!

To show you how thoughtful and dear Jaime is:
When I promoted StinkboneJones~Jaime's etsy shop, I mentioned that the robin's egg blue tulle brooch was my very favorite piece in her shop.
To me, tulle is so romantic and reminds me of Proms and the Promise of Love and Pollyanna and everything you dream about, as a girl.

Jaime sent me the brooch too!
Jaime you are awesome. Thank you so much for these beautiful goodies. The collage and brooch will be heirlooms that my daughter Samantha will have one day.
(hopefully not anytime soon!)
Thankyou blog friends, for visiting today. Next time i will post much sooner.


Stink Bone Jones said...

You are too sweet in all that you have said. I am SO HAPPY that you safely received your package and were in love. I decided to do that ballerina because I thought you would love her then when you commented on a collage I made for a friend that you loved that book as a child, it was final, she would be yours! I almost cried when I read what you said about that bringing up such memories that of people and places that you miss. You deserve every bit of that collage for what you have done for me.

What you said in your post about it's as if we have known each other, I felt the same way. When I read that very first part and saw my fairy's name was Antoinella, I just knew who that would turn out to be! You really made my day and I'm so pleased that I made yours! I promise to do a BIG post when I get pictures that are sunny and bright enough for your gorgeous creations.

starrynightimpressions said...

Hi Sweetina,
I was a little confused because you said you were a csst member and i thought i don't remember that name in our member list and then as i perused your blog a little more i see you are rarebird!!!
Now I know who you are!! lol
Your blog is wonderful and i love your garden photos, especially those cactus. We can't really grow cactus here in Northern Ca. because of the snow! :(
Anyway, are you coming to my virtual tea? or my real world tea?
Either one, is going to be fun!!!

Lynn said...

WOW, another beautiful swap gift, or I should say gifts :) You are such a lucky girl Tina, and I saw what you made for Jaime, absolutely beautiful!

Amanda said...

What pretty things!! I absolutely loved The Little Ballerina as a kid! I knew what that picture was from right away, my grandma had those books at her house and I read them every time I went over there. :) You are a lucky girl!

Jean Knee said...

Oh how lovely everything is, I was just over at Jaime's blog and saw all her wonderful fairy things too.

Christa from Chloe Rose said...

What beautiful gifts....I love the ballerina with the little yummy! The collage is gorgeous....I'd race to hang it up too!

Chloe Rose

Anonymous said...

haha your postman sounds a whole lot nicer then mine!! Mine just lays on her horn and makes me get the packages. lol I love the collage and the doll soo cute! I love the halloween stuff below I think the first one is my fav!! hugs


Sweetina said...

Thank you all for our lovely comments! Yes, I am a lucky girl to have had such an amazing and sweet swap partner!