Monday, August 25, 2008

~The Latest Catch~

I hope you all are having, or had, a very good Monday.
Sometimes, the first day of the work* week (*like we don't work on the weekends~right Moms?) can be a shock to the system.
To be frank, today was a coffee day for me.
No type of tea was going to start this engine.
It was the kind of tired where your head falls back and the startle reflex makes you jump out of your seat.
So after that and two cups of high octane i was feeling good about Monday and ready to blog.
I remembered that I've been meaning to show you my latest thrifty treasures!
Take a seat and have a cool glass of ice tea...
and here we go.

I found the above vintage silk robe/kimono this weekend. It's so feminine, flowy and pretty! Don't you just love the colors and floral design? (scream) The pattern isn't too busy either.

Another find is this Christmas compote.It will make a great base for a Holiday display~don't you think? Winter white and gold are so classic.Even a simple display of pears would look beautifully understated.

I just love vintage luggage.The look,the feel, and the scent!
Here's a cute little discovery:

I love how it takes me back to my beloved "Aunt" Gwenny's house. Aunt Gwenny was my bestfriend's Mother~and like a Mother to me. She collected and saved everything.
If you needed to look up a newspaper article from June 3,1965;
Aunt Gwenny would disappear down the hallway, and come back with it.
December 10,1955? She'll be right back.
The scent of her Home was damp and cosy~ like old books and luggage. And to me it equals uncondional love and Home.

Here's some more vintage leather.I thought it was a manicure set.
( which sent a shiver down my spine,but not in a good way~)
Have a peek at the second picture for a interesting surprise.

How about that?
Lady Tools!
They're going right in the purse or glove box!
You never know when you'll need them.
But mostly, they're just cute!

Ok. We've finished the thrift store section.However, I have two more things to show you.
One that I found on ebay and the other on etsy.

For all you Barbie lovers, and a few of us may have the same Sweet Person in mind, have a peek below! heehee

And inside are these (scream)!

and these!

The black set is a little creepy in a Twilight Zone sort of way, but the pink are adorable!
I will definately sell some cards in my etsy shop for people to use as supplies.

Lastly is a devinely luxurious vintage lingerie case from
here.It's the most mouth watering peach satin with lace on the front and satin ribbon tie
The tag says Neiman Marcus! I looove!

Be sure to checkout her shop~she has some great vintage finds.

Look at the time!
The school bus is about to arrive and it's homework (blech)time again.
But we all have a long weekend at the end of the week and then Summer is "Officially" over.
Remember the No White After Labor Day rule?
We'd switch our scuffed white patent leather mary janes for new shiny black ones!
It was special tradition.

Sweet Vintage Dreams to you~


Malphi said...

Lovely blog to scroll through!
Susannah x

Sweetina said...

Thankyou Susannah for the sweet comment!