Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Room Makeover and Give Away~

Hi Sweetpeas!
I'm sending extra hugs and giggles to all of you,because I am feeling very joyful! I have finally made up my mind to create a new studio!
During the last year, my workspace/studio was in the front livingroom.
Initially, I loved the openess and being in a common room.
The Gladys Kravatz in me really enjoyed the view of the neighborhood!
However, due to the nature of (me)this business,the view from the front entrance became(a complete mess)untidy.
When I create, I'm like a 3 year old with a basketful of folded laundry!
Everything ends up on the carpet and every horizontal surface in the room~basket empty!
Not a great first impression for visitors!
SO...I decided to convert my oldest son's room into a dedicated studio.(He's living in Bermuda and working this year.)

Here are a few photos of the room today.
Before Photos.

By the way,room painting is not on my list of favorites.
And I have putting this task off for months,so I'm relieved to be starting.
I'm trying to choose a sweet pastel color to paint it,after I prime the walls.

So many of you sweet artist friends have given me Inspiration with your studio makeovers and painting projects.
As a Thank You, I will be having the first Sweetina Giveaway the day of "The Reveal"!
Tonight I will post the goodies for you to drool over :) and the drawing will be on Saturday )October 4th at 6.00pm Arizona time.
My Little Helper will pick the winner's name out of the basket.
To enter... leave your suggestion of Wall Color and your name at the end of your post.
Goodluck everyone!!!


Pieceful Bits said...

OOOOH..I just did the same thing last spring break to my son's room. He moved into the basement.

Hmmm, I think you should paint it aqua!! That's just me(~~)

Stink Bone Jones said...

Tiffany Robin Egg Blue!


Anonymous said...

I'm drooling over pg. 30 in the new BH&G - 6 different paint colors. For your room I would choose Behr #SH-230~Ground Nutmeg. :-) Happy Painting!

Tammy Gray said...

I am totally into the aqua look (the color I have in my studio.) :)

Tammy tropicalart77

Stephanie said...

I just found your blog and etsy shop a few minutes ago. I totally love pastels and have my front room painted a behr paint called Caribbean Coast. Not baby blue and not quite sky blue. It is a soothing color.

Niki said...

Hi, I have just painted mine Dulux-Claybake. It is delicious & soothing. I am at the exact same stage as you on my craft room makeover. I just can't wait for it to be done. I'm having loads of fun.


Niki said...

oops sorry just realised this was last year. Must go check out your final choice now. Lol.