Thursday, October 30, 2008

~Glitter Me~

Happy Hallowe'en Eve!
I'm at the tail end of the flu and really rather narcoleptic! I could be in REM sleep before you finish read...
(couldn't resist)this sentence.
Granted,I can't complain,as D had the flu much worse.
Now we're both left with barking coughs,
especially at sleep has been at a minimum.
I'm not big on medicine,but last night i took Nyquil Cough.
(I didn't give Dylan for 2 reasons~
1 A cough needs to do it's job even more when children are lying inactive for 8-10 hours.
2 everything you read about cold meds and kids.)

The Nyquil was effective till about 6 am, whereupon I coughed even more and all morning.
Another side effect~
the aforementioned narcolepsy.
My eyes could not stay open!
When taking meds, the Cardinal Rule clearly states that, if you become drowsy, you must
Avoid Operating AnyHeavy Machinery
that meant:
no driving
no vacuuming
no cooking
no laundry
an iron is a machine of sorts...
or atleast, it may have been made by a machine...
No loading the dishwasher because it actually is a machine.

Is the TV remote a machine?
"What's that?
"Tis Not!"
It's just a quick press of a button!
And don't you think I need to see
a doctor?"
Or~several doctors!
Plus, I can't sit here and do nothing.
Must keep the hands busy,or I'll go batty!"

It's settled then.
I'll work on some listings and seek professional opinion.

So I spent the remainder of the afternoon
and Doctors
whilst keeping the hands busy making these!

Two Candy Cottages.
Do you like the colors?
I'm loving that blueberry blue.
They are works in progress, as I need to tidy them up and shower them with "sugar".
When i took these photos, the little cottages seemed to be whispering~
"Pssst~Glitter Me!"
"Glitter Me!"
Note to self.
No more Nyquil!

Sleep well, My Sweet Friends~
and rest up for tomorrow's little witches and goblins!


Shell said...

I love your Candy Cottages. They are so beautiful and glittery. I love the blueberry house. I am partial to blue. Glad you starting to feel better.

Priscila said...

funny! WE are working on the same stuff! We prob went to the craft store on the same day same hour to get these hahaha! I feel like crap still. My head hurts soooooo bad .. I just want it to go away!

Holly said...

Ha-ha! You and Priscila *are* on the same wave length! Yours are sweet, too! I like the pink one best. :>

Stink Bone Jones said...

I'm sorry to hear that you have the flu sweet pea. You better rest up!

Your cottages are just too darn cute! I love them! Those little doors and windows are too cute for words.I love the glitter you used. Is that an antique silver?

Oh and Martha Stewart sells a huge jar of antique silver at Walmart.

Check out She has cottages with similar shapes but way different colors.

Priscila said...

dang girl...I just saw what you gave stinkybonejones at your last swap! DANG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are so talented. I loved how everything went together! You are so freakin cute!!!!!! I want to squeeze you!!! Ok did you feel that? Sorry...forgot you were sick..haha to hard?
Im excited about being partners. I just ordered some sweet stuff for you and made you a couple things! So cute!!!!
How are u feeling? This thing thats going around is getting everyone ...uhhh

oh...where di you get the candy u put on ur little houses? said...

I hear lots of things calling out to be glittered around here!