Sunday, November 30, 2008

~Enjoy the Morning with Us~

Good Morning Friends.
We've invited you to enjoy the morning with us at the Shabby Ranchette.
Mom has turned on the Christmas lights, and put on a pot of coffee.
It’s so peaceful and cozy.
The kitchen window is open and the birds are talking amongst themselves,while waiting for their morning treat.
The only other sound is the clock: tic-toc, tic-toc.
Miss Charlotte is helping Santa wrap Christmas gifts.

“Ho Ho Ho! We have many toys to wrap, Miss Charlotte and you have brought the prettiest paper and bows.
“I am happy to help,Santa”
said Miss Charlotte.

Lavinia has come outside to stretch her long legs.Isn't she the girliest Deer ever!

“Good Morning Lavinia! Only 26 days till Christmas!”
“What is your Christmas Wish this year?”
“I want all the children of the world to have a warm Christmas Supper”, said Lavinia.
That’s a beautiful wish,my friend.

"Violet lets out a joyful squeel~"Horray! Here come Lexi and Lexa!"
They are our very best friends!"
Violet and Loreli run to greet the Deery Twins
Loreli looks underdressed for such a cold morning!

“Aren’t you freezing, Loreli?”
"Brrr, yes! I'll get my coat in a minute.We’re going to walk to the village square to see the lights.”"Care to join us?"
“That’s a splendid idea!’ said Lexi.

In the village, the lights are twinkling and some children are building a snowman.

Everyone is working up an appetite for the warm breakfast that their mother is cooking at home.

Santa is playing happy music and everyone is smiling.

In the cafe,Beary is sitting with Target Dog and drinking a lovely cup of hot cocoa,with heaps of Marshmallows.

Target Dog is so happy to have the day off, after working such long hours on Black Friday and Saturday.
"Im ready for my close up!" he jokes.

Back at the Ranchette, Fuzzy is outside with Mom.
Good Morning,Fuzzy! You look like you’re thinking about something.
Is everything alright?”

“I wonder if Santa will remember to give me Polly Pocket again this year. I so love batting her around the house.”
He leaves Polly inside my Christmas stocking. I wrote him a lovely letter."

"Have I been a good Kitty this year?"

“Yes Fuzz,you are always a very good kitty and super-snuggly too.” I’m certain Santa will bring you your favorite toys”
Says Mom.

"Goody!" says Fuzzy.

“Is everyone hungry? The pancakes are ready.
And I’ve warmed the maple syrup.” says Mom.

“I’m starving!” says Abby. “Me first, me first!”

Ok Abby, I’ve serve you first, You are such a sweet dog.”
You are all great company, and I’m so lucky to share this happy morning with you”

And we’re so glad to share it with you also, Dear Blogger Friends.
You are very special to us here at the Shabby Ranchette.
Come back soon, there's room for all of you!
~your friend


Shell said...

I had a lovely morning with all of you. I especially love Fuzzy, I have a warm spot for cats.

Holly said...

Hee-hee! We give presents to our kitty's too but they don't have stockings yet. That's something to think about.

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

Ok I want to say HOW CUTE! Love everything! This morning has been excellent because I popped in and can relax at Sweetina Shabby Getaway! I love ur doggy!!! Give him a kiss on his forhead for me ok????

Amy said...

I had so much fun reading this and seeing all your fun photos and decor.