Wednesday, November 26, 2008

~Give Thanks~

It's the day before Thanksgiving and we have been blessed with rain. I believe it's been over 86 days since the last drop of moisture.No surprise, since we're right in the middle of the Sonoran Desert.

Oh but we act surprised!
The children give themselves a good soaking in the puddles,while waiting for the schoolbus,adults try to remember where the windshield wipers are located,and Sherrif Joe Arpiao's "Stupid Motorist Law" goes into effect.But not everyone will pay heed.

So barring vehicular issues~I am very thankful for the rain today.
The overcast skies and cool temperature makes for a cozy and comfy morning at the ranchette.The Girls are napping,exhausted after a good night's sleep!
And I'm on my second cup of tea and tidying up the Shabby Ranchette.
Here are some photos of a few corners of the home.

The Dman's Room

He is crazy about Anime,Naruto,Cosplay and all things Japanese. Right down to eating with chopsticks!

And like his brother and sister, he likes to diplay his sentimental goodies.
So his Tween bedroom is a fun,colorful mix, as you'll see in the photos below.

A leftover pinata head!
This family tradition started when my sweet and fun stepson,Chris,put a pinata remnant on his head back in 2001.
And a new trend was born!

Speaking of photos~I've been playing with the camera lately so here are a few more corners of our Shabby Ranchette.
Here's the tiny masterbath.There isn't enough room to swing a cat in here. I love the color though~it's a I added roughly 30% satin white to it in the garage "customized" Ralph Lauren color.

The Island collage was created by the very sweet and talented Kathi Robinaugh

Here are a few Thanksgiving themed pics and and I'll show you a few vintage paintings that I've shabbied.

a little collage i made.

kitchen windowsill

Lastly,here are the vintage paintings that I found in September with several layers of paint and then destressed. Love the way they turned out.

And this vintage Secret Gardenish framed and matted illustration. I think I may change the mat also~I'm so not feeling that particular shade of green.
Puce, I believe!

I am so thankful for so many things this year and that includes you,blogger friends and readers!
I hope you have a wonderful Fall (or almost Summer~down under)Weekend and that Americans have a lovely Thanksgiving.


Holly said...

Happy thanksgiving to you, too, Tina! That's a pretty cool bathroom mirror picture that you took. Good job!

~ Hearts ~

Stink Bone Jones said...

So happy to see your son has such eclectic tastes, it is refreshing. I too was once obsessed with Japanesse culture, but more particularly with Geishas. His room is very neat.

Love the bathroom and the very cute collage, also the pictures you repainted and fixed up.

Happy Thanksgiving sweets!!!

Scrappy Jessi said...

Hey sweets

Happy Turkey Day!!


Holly said...

Hey! I just came from your Lolishop! :> Congrats!