Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My First Award!

Good Morning Sweeties!
I am so tickled and honored! The completely adorable Jessica Rodarte of Kids Napping?I'm Scrapping gave me and four other fellow bloggers,the Kreative Blogger Award! Thank you so much,Jessica!
The award means so so much to me!

I have chosen 5 lovely ladies to honor and thank on this Sweet December Morning.
All of them have inspired me,creatively and spiritually:

1) Kathryn of Secrets of a Butterfly
Kathryn lives and sells in the northeastern UK. Visiting her blog is just like sharing a warm cup of tea and cookies.It's a place I go to relax and renew my spirit. She is a remarkable woman and has a heart of gold.
And just look at her beautiful creations and etsy shop.
You would never think that Dear Kathryn has suffered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for years. She is a thoughtful and informative blogger and has the spiritual energy to make her readers feel joyful.
Bless you,Girl!

2)Karin of Creative Chaos
When I first discovered Karin, I was bowled over by the Journal.She was creating. OMG~the colors, the delicate detailing~it was the ultimate in cottage style beauty!
If you havent already seen Karin's latest creations...run...don't walk....here!
This Sweetheart is an extremely gifted artist~as you all know.
During the summer,she posted the cutest way to keep the children entertained!
I love her humor.
I admire her strength.
Karin is facing the challenge of cancer. She is brave,determined and not allowing it to take away her sense of humor.
So let me say that there isn't anything, not anything, that will take her down!
Karin will kick cancer out of the ballpark.
Let's all keep her in our prayers and send her positive energy and love.Daily.

3)Chelsea Ann of Itty Bitty Birdie.
Here's what first caught my attention to this adorable blogger and artist.Look at those devine vintage dresses! And she's so cute and pretty in them!
Chelsea Ann sells and collects vintage treasures. Have a peek and see the great finds in her lollishop and also in her etsy shop. Her home is beautifully appointed with yummy vintage goodness.
And Tah Dah! This young lady creates these!!!
Aren't they the sweetest, most adorable and gorgeous cakes ever?!
And her Gingerbread creations are a fantasy.
Chelsea you are an inspiration,Girl!

4)Tracy of Cupcakes At Home
Tracy is a blogger who lives in Scotland. Have a looksee at the beautiful ribbon in her etsy shop
and her crafty vintage shop here
This earth conscious girl and her husband, built their own low carbon footprint home in the very north of Scotland. The house is right by the sea in a honest to goodness "put hair on your knuckles" rough environment. Also living in their planet friendly home are three Whippets and a Deerhound. (on a side note:the Scottish Deerhound is among my favorite Livestock dogs. So gentle yet so massive!
Tracy and her husband raise rare breeds of sheep on their land. For the entire adventure visit SeaHouse
Thankyou both for being caretakers of the land and it's animals.

5)Julia of The Spotted Sparrow
This delightful and talented artist is an American, living with her husband in Germany.She calls herself an Accidental Hausfrau,heehee, but in reality,Julia crafts and creates daily in her German apartment.
here is her etsy shop
and new Lollishop!
I love her artistic style and use of ephemera and rich color palette.
Here is one of my very favorite listings in her shop.
Julia~you rock!

Till next time~


Karin said...

You are the sweetest!! Thank you so much!!!

ittybittybirdy said...

I almost cried your sweet sentiments meant so much to me! Thank you! I am very surprised and sad that I have not visited your blog more often. It is so easy to get stuck in flickr land. I hope that we get to know each other much better in the new year to come! Congrats on the award. You deserve it- you have a lovely blog and without meeting you I know you have a lovely and very big heart!

Thanks Again!

Chelsea Ann

ittybittybirdy said...

oops maybe my first comment went through after all! Lucky you- sweet words twice around!

Shell said...

Congratulations on your award. You deserve it.

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I agree, you so deserve this award. :) I love to visit your blog. It is full of wonderful inspiration. I can't wait to see what you make for Priscila's Christmas challenge. It will undoubtedly be a delightful creation! Thank you for your sweet(ina) comments on my blog. lol. xoxo.

Holly said...

Well I know that *I* love to visit *your* blog! Congratulations on your award! I'll try and check out the others.

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

If kids nappin didnt give you this award i would have...u deserve it

Debbie said...

Hi Tina! Thanks for stopping by Blog Around the World. Just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up!

Priscila said...

why thank you!!! I think its turning out cute too but I still have sooooooo much to do on it. Your card set is going to be sooooooo CUTE!

gin said...

Congrats on your award too!! I have visited you before through Holly. Your blog is so pretty. All your creations are lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Joelle Dolce Bebe said...

Congrats!! You so deserve it!
Big (((HUGS))) to YOU!
Joelle XO

Priscila said...

i heard thats the beset time to get christmas decor is after cmas..Im so there too...to bad ur so far...we would have a blast fighting over our finds...haha

Holly said...

Tina girl! You have to get started on your challenge! I thought you already knew what you were going to do??? I already posted mine in the flickr group and I'm living to see what you create! :>

~ Hearts ~

Holly said...

Yoohoooooo! Whatcha been up to???