Friday, December 19, 2008

Part 2) Christmas Stocking Swap Delivery

Are you Elves as busy as I am?!
Christmas is upon us and we have 6 more days to make handmade gifts,buy our groceries and toy shop till we drop.(which will be really fast this year given the economy!)
The sun is out again.
We had 3 full days of steady rain.
Not soaked-to-the-core rain, like in most states, but slightly more than a constant drizzle.
The local Weatherman called it a "Massive Stormfront".
Now that the natural light is better,I've taken lots of photos today.

In one of my last posts, I showed you the goodies I sent Priscila of Casa Bella Chic.
This week, the postman delivered a Big box full of happiness that she sent me!
I just love opening presents; the fact that it's the Holiday Season made it even more exciting!

You may not already know, but I'm bongo over sweet vintage deers...totally silly for them..but I have only a print or two since this is a new passion. Heehee~but now I'm a collector!

A sweet vintage Christmas deer with the cutest little Angels! I am over the moon about this piece! I love the yummy trim and faux pearls and the gorgeous blue of the night sky~and especially the kissy-sweet delightful deer!

As if that weren't enough...

Someone cute to twinkle under the twinkling holiday lights in the kitchen.
Isn't she adorable!

Priscila and I (and the rest of us,right Girls!?) love vintage greeting cards,especially the ones that have child or animal images. And who ever has enough supplies to play with and run our hands through fill our studios and craft rooms?
Have a peek at the bounty in the next 2 photos~

And did you see the book!(scream!)

The next creation that Priscila made, is perfect for a festive centerpiece on the Christmas table! And looks good enough to eat!
I really appreciate the amount of time and care put into this...

CAKE!!Made with paper mache box,pretty trim and vintage greeting cards~
Totally darling!

I also received some vintage angels and a Santa, which I added to my Christmas Village and a large sparkly candy cane decoration~which is even cuter in person.

But hang on...didn't I say this was a Stocking Swap?
Yes, that was the theme of this fun extravaganza!
The last photo is the very pretty stocking that Priscila sent!

She added each sequin one by one and added the sweetest pimk trim and vintage Santa image.

The color is a bright 1940's lipstick pink!
I am a lucky lucky swapper and I'm so thankful for everything from dear Priscila.
And I'm also thankful for all of you bloggers and visitors and friends.Also to all my fellow Lolli/Etsy
artists and crafters and flickr contacts.
You make my heart sing!
Merry Merry Christmas and Happy Happy Holidays~


Priscila said...

that stocking was a challenge@! I put ever single sequince on it! I have anothe rbox Im getting ready to send..with vintage deer with pink roses and other fun stuff...

Holly said...

Tina, I didn't know you were silly over vintage deer! I'll keep my eyes open for you! It's fun to be silly over something isn't it?! Ha!

I saw a sneak peek of your "cake". It is so cute and clever!

The stocking has some things that look like half of a pom pom... The larger circles. What are those?