Friday, December 19, 2008

Two Post Friday! part 1) Vintage Finds and Collage~

Hello again!
Come in~I've lots to show you today!
Lets have hot cocoa with marshmallows this afternoon!
It's quite cold today and I love how a hot cup warms the hands and sweetens the soul.
And besides, it's chocolate!!!

Today I'm going to do 2 posts.
First we'll look at my latest vintage finds.
I must have been sprinkled with fairy dust because there was treasure just waiting on the shelves and around the shops last Friday.

In the following post,
I'll show you the Vintage Stocking Swap gifts I received this week.
I hope you enjoy!
Errm......pardon me for half a second...
it's The Girls.

Hello Lovey-Dovies!
Why of course you can join us! Find a cozy spot and, yes Abby,
you can bring your baby,
as long as she doesn't squeak.

You can lounge on my jacket, fuzzy.

Are we settled?
Off we go then~

First~ a vintage tin in cream,pink and black. Looks like a large flour cannister, perhaps a part of a set at one time.

I really love the colors, and it's delightfully shabby.

These were found in a basket in the back of the shop.

When I came home, I realised that they were all in the same color family.
Love the amber colored "bling", and the brass horn looks quite old.

Here's another item that will be useful for storage in the studio. It's the size of a hatbox and covered in a pretty floral fabric.

The fabric reminds me of Liberty.
Definately shabby and cottage style!

Here is one of my all time favorite finds Ever!!! Pure Kismet!

EEEEEEEE! It's a doll foufy vanity and poof seat fit for a little Princess!
The patina on the mirror makes it even more dear.
I can't get over it!

Here's addition for our Christmas village, which is gradually growing into suburban sprawl!
Have you seen all the putz houses and sets that so many bloggers have found lately?
They really are little treasures from the past.

... so pretty and sparkly under the lights.

So is sugar sweet pink mercury glass.

While enjoying the decorations and lights, I think I'll hand write some letters to send the old fashioned way.

This card set is probably from the early 80's and have aged just right.

A little later in the day, we went to a large indoor market that has booths and so much to see! There's a budget to be kept, so no furniture. Boo Hiss.
I was drooling at the shabby white sideboards,hutches and tables...
And the prices were about $250 for a massive piece. Seems reasonable~but I'm no expert.
I'd love to hear your opinion on prices.

Here is a 1916 newpaper from London with so many vintage adverts. I am definately going to share them with everyone.

The newspaper has alot of WW1 reports and photos.My husband,Randy is really enjoying reading it.
Now for the final treasure.
I've wanted one of these ever since I started reading all the Somerset Magazines.
I believe I've seen her twin in Artful Blogger.


couldn't figure out why I was so thrilled!
He said "Her skirt is dirty and she's ugly!"
And I corrected him (heehee!) with:
"She's beautiful and has character.
She's Vintage!"

Now,there are just 2 more pictures for you to see.
Below is a cute little vintage Christmas collage that I made for the Christmas Challenge.

Colorful and Fun!

Let's have a quick break, and then see part 2.

I really enjoy sharing all this with you!


TattingChic said...

What fun vintage finds! :)

Priscila said...

the bingo card is loving it

Priscila said...

it did clear here but they are saying that it will rain on mond...i have a christmas party for my hubs work tomarrow..uhhh...ims o so tierd i would rather sleep

Holly said...

Oh, goodie! Glad to see you post1

Ah-ha! Now we know what those puppies are singing! So fun and cute, Tina! I love the candy colored buttons!

Love your recent finds, too! That canister is really unique.

I'm hoping to find some Putz houses. My mother had some and they were stolen (along with all her other Christmas things) when I was around 8 years old. :< That was the year we were determined not to let the Grinch steal our Christmas and we made all our own decorations. (And that's the end of my little story!)

I'm glad your furry girls joined us for our hot chocalate! I'm on to part 2!

Shell said...

Vintage finds are lovely!! And your Christmas collage really sweet and cuddly.

Holly said...

Are you going to add your sweet collage to the flickr group? PLEEEEEASE? ;>

Holly said...

Your dog's salamander baby is so funny! Our dog has babies, too.

I see you didn't find the flickr group yet. It's on one of the more recent posts that Pri wrote about the challenge.

Priscila said... are u? Did u finish christmas shopping? uh im like part done...stinks...grrrr...

its been raining like crazy and is suppost to rain really hard on cmas eve and cmas day!

Christian is getting excited though cause its almost cmas...i will have to do some more shopping tomarrow! I need to really organize the craft room and put stuff away and order some valentine busy!
i miss u

inventivesoul said...

Your "Bingo" piece is ADORABLE!!!
I love it so much!
Thank you for posting it because I am so very glad to have seen it!
*going back to view more of your blog*
Wishing you a happy holiday!
Amber Dawn

Holly said...

Merry Christmas eve, Tinasweet! Your Bingo dogs make me smile every time I see them!

Anonymous said...

Howdy Lovey! i have the same 'brunette girl with a rose' tiny round pill box (and others!) and your vintage gal is divine! your pets are adorable! xxxooo diana