Sunday, February 8, 2009

~Change is Good~

Good Sunday Friends!
This week went by very quickly.
We started off with temperatures reaching almost 80F and then today we are in the low 50's with rain! Looks like Mr Groundhog has predicted a few more weeks of "Winter" indeed.
In the meantime
There have been some changes here at the Shabby Ranchette.
Remember my beloved Studio?

Well, it is now my bedroom,and looks like this:

I have even showed you my Dear,"Sheeply".

So you see~ I have done a Switcheroo.
The studio is now in the former master bedroom!
Have i lost my marbles, you say?
Gone bonkers?
Got my knickers in a twist?
Gone barking mad?
Why yes,yes,yes, and yes...but besides all that...the other reasons are:

the mastersuite is:
The windows are the type that do not open. There is a sliding door, but i am not going to leave that open for an intruder to come in.Along with my marbles, I've have lost the boat horn that was under the bed.
I have no idea what the builders were thinking when they sealed the windows.

The Room Is Bright
There is a Massive 3 million watt street light planted right outside that i would like to slingshot.The developers went a bit OTT with the wattage.

and finally... i am suffering from...
Hot Flashes and Sleep Deprivation
so i have moved to the calm, cool east bedroom with the large 60x60 window that i can fling open!
and fling~ I do!

Now my creative area is larger than before,but oddly,looks so much messier!
The TV is in there which is can be distracting...but fun too.
I honestly havent been creative in a few weeks.
It has been sort of like The Winter of my Discontent.
I am not sad.
Not neccessarly unhappy.
Just evolving.
Definately different
And though change is good.
It isn't always easy.
If any of you are going through transition of sorts, positive growth, or even rough times, please leave a comment. I am so curious as to where each of you are these days in your own life. Only as much as you want to share of course.
with warmth,


Holly said...

I'll be back in the morning when it's quite but yeah, it's a time of change for me, too. ♥

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

I hear you! Change is good (and necessary) but so hard. What a huge change switching your master bedroom and studio! eek.

Holly said...

Mornin', Tina! My time of change has included not writing as much. Having been a devotional writer for years and then suddenly stopping has been strange. I'm not even keeping a journal or using a planner anymore! Internet social networks are my only writing outlets... Very interesting...

Also, this month is the first month for me to notice "changes" in my monthly cycle. It's had more of an emotional impact on me than I had expected. So, maybe I'll actually start *feeling* like a Gramma instead of a 20 year old!? Well, my oldest son has told me that I'll never be old and I choose to believe him! ☺

Thanks for inviting me to talk, Tina. ♥

Priscila said...

I think if the room is bigger than thats better! I would like to talk to you about something custom for carters room! You know where the clock is and then the 2 pictures? I want to put something there to replace the 2 pics.

Kristie said...

I am a person who absolutely hates change but yet I'm the one who needs it so desperatly. Funny thing, huh? So with that said wish me luck and hopefully this will be the year for my big change.

Shell said...

Hi Tina,

I think my favorite one is gone barking mad. Seriously, it's a great idea. I know another blogger who did the same thing.
Your studio is your lifeblood. It makes sense you need a bigger space. I think you did the right thing.

As for change, I feel it's best to embrace change when you feel like you need to do it. When you make changes, those creative juices start roaring to life.

Stink Bone Jones said...

Super cute! You cannot go wrong with hot pink! I love it!

Have you heard of any good Easter swaps?

Saucy said...

Hopefully the little room relocation will help you get back into the creative groove!

Lisa Loria said...

Hello, I found you through Sea Dream Studio. Yes, I am so in that change mode too. Not the hormonal changes, just the life ones. Moving your studio is probably fresh and uplifting to you and it is so pretty. Life is definitely full of change and we all roll with it's punches differently.

Sweetina said...

Each of your comments means so much and is so interesting.
maybe a more global community is what you need in life, at this time, and that is why blogging is where your energy is naturally flowing.
I think allowing that to just happen is wonderful!
The people you meet and experiences you have will tie in to futher devotional writings, perhaps in a different manner later.
And don't worry too much about changes in your cycle because sometimes it takes years before the big M. I doubt you will ever feel or look "old"!!!

Sweetina said...

Absolutely Love to do a custom for ya.
I will email you ok?
Oh Yeah the big room is way messier right now!!!

Sweetina said...

Kristie I just visited your blog so i could "see" you!
Welcome from Texas!
I wish you luck in the areas that you want to change this year and remember...
sometimes just going for a walk or reading something inspirational can help each of us take baby steps towards our goals.

Sweetina said...

Hi Shell!
I havent forgotten you! Had to wait for glue to dry on extras!!!
Yes, For everything there is a Season.
It is always best to try to embrace and go with the flow.

Sweetina said...

Yes we all must roll with the punches, you are so right.
Good luck with your fresh beginnings as change can bring a great sense of energy and renewal!
Plus Spring is right around the corner!!!

Priscila said...

good...i miss hearing from you! email me girlie

Lisa Loria said...

Thanks for the compliment Tina and for the encouragement. I just started the blog, just joined Etsy and am just building my website. I have sold on ebay and locally for like forever, but need to get my fanny more on line. A bit daunting, but it seems to actually expand one's ideas of how to express oneself.
Love your Blog!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

tina, you sweet thang, you!
thank you so much for the awards. i don't feel that i'm quite as deserving as you make me out to be, but if i have blessed you through my blog, then I am humbled and thankful.

And, let me comment on your night sweats..........

soy and black kohash

you can get both where the vitamins are in the super market.
give them two weeks to work and you will not have any more night sweats OR hot flashes for that matter. Just ask the pharmacist for help finding them.

and, now i'm going to email you privately about the paper cowgirl art retreat ( - you've just gotta come!!!
wooooooo hoooooooooooo!!

apparentlyjessy said...

I think you have a very cute bedroom and craft room, I dream of having a craft room one day...