Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Trying New Things

Hello my Dear Friends,
I apologise for the extra long delay in blogging.
Sometimes life just takes over and requires every bit of energy we have, and this has been one of those times.
But today, I am feeling a glimmer of sunshine and hope that the worst has passed, and I can be back with all of you,my Sweet Friends here in Bloglandia.
I have truly missed you all.
Did you all have a wonderful Easter Holiday?
How is everyone's blood sugar levels??
My stongest Event on Easter Sunday was the~
Cadbury Mini Egg-A-Thon!!! I'm the hands down winner again this year!
Fortunately, I've been biking 9-15 miles several days per week to counteract the chocolate. But now it's back to salads,fresh veggies,fruit and healthy fare.

Only 6 months till Halloween anyway!

With all the biking and walking, I decided on a very short and very easy haircut.
It was a shock,initially and everyone at the salon dubbed me "Tina The Brave"!
But i love it and it's easy.
here's a pic.

granted "Not my best angle"! tee hee!

I've also painted a watercolor from an image i have had in my mind. I'm not a painter,really, but sure enjoyed creating this watercolor called "Nice Catch"
I think it would make a cute card or print.

The camera is on the fritz at the moment, and so I've been unable to take photos of the yummy vintage goodies that I want to list in my etsy shop.
Don't you dislike being without a working camera? It's been very frustrating!
So just as soon as it's fixed, I will be posting photos of everything!

I would love to hear what new things you have been trying.
New looks,new decor,new creations,new lifestyle...
afterall Spring is in full bloom!


Holly said...

Hi, Tina! You've been missed! I was just over at your Flickr today. I've been playing around with mine.

I'm finally getting my hair grown out a bit. I like it short every few years in order to have a healthy new start.

Nice painting- it's a very sweet image.

My husband is visiting family in Texas and he took the camera with him! Wow, I can't beleive how many times a day I've thought about taking a picture! It's kind of like when the power is out but you still go to flip on the light switch!

I look forward to seeing what you've been working on. I made a lot of things for an Easter swap and now I'm working on a rag wreath for my daughter in laws birthday. ♥

Sheila said...

HEllo Tina, love the hair cut.. I always wear mine short. My hair is thick and course and has a mind of it's own. lOve your drawing, i have no talent for that. I am not doing much in the way of new right now, as we are getting ready to move and i am sad at having to unplug from the computer and not know how long it will be before we can get it back on. I am so proud of you and your bike riding.. WOW.. I love to eat healthy but slip off to often.. Hope you get your camera fixed before i have to unplug, so i can see your pretties.

Shell said...

Hey, Tina. Glad to see you back. I like the new short cut. You look ready in the picture to have some fun.
I had a good Easter with my mom. I like your Nice catch watercolor.
Take care. Big hug to you. Good to hear you're feeling the sunshine again.

Elyse said...

hi tina,

cutting your hair can be quite liberating and time saving for sure!

i am the winner of the mike and ikes competition!


Priscila said...

glad ur back..everyone has been really worried about u...i miss u

Sheila said...

Tina, hello.. Thanks for the sweet post on my blog.. The book is actualy my step mom.. :My Mommy past away three years ago, an i have a sweet step mom and it is her book. But it is a great accomplishment.. We are moving only about ten miles from where we are right now, just on ten acres of beautiful land. OUr house is completeley finished now with the repairs from the tornado and we can put it back on the market now. I will post photos of the before and after pictures, after i get some plants on the porch. We lost seven large trees out of our front and side yard and it is so bare now. Got to add some plants for my photos.. take care .. hugggggggggggs