Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Sale!

Hello my Spring Dearies!
Tis the season to renew and make room for new listings in the shop
So I've place most of my current creations on Sale!
In the meantime, I'm turning the house upsidedown trying to locate the battery recharger for the camera. I distinctly remember placing it in a good spot and saying:
"There~that's the perfect spot for it.Now I won't forget where i put it lose it this time.
That was several weeks ago.
Wish me luck...
Until then~come to the Sweetina Spring Sale!
bouquets of wildflowers~


Stink Bone Jones said...

Stopped in to say hello. I haven't been blogging in quite some time so I decided to make a round to my favorite blogs. I stopped here of course! Love the new hair cute, super super cute! I do hope you had a lovely candy filled Easter.

Holly said...

Oh, Tina! ♥ I can so relate to searching! We can't find anything around here lately! I hate it when my house is this unorganized! Patience, patience! ☺

Wish I could buy something from your shop but all my fun money is gone! I'm hoping for some cold hard cash on Mother's day! Hee-hee!

Good luck in your search and your sales! ♥

Elyse said...

i ADORE this image. it is just the cutest.

hooray for spring sales!


Brayton Homestead Interiors said...

Love your blog and love your shop- came bye to say hello- new member of CSST team!