Saturday, July 25, 2009

Sandalous Marie!

Happy Saturday My Sweets!
I had a little Tina Time in my studio last night.
It's been so long since I've been creative,that I had to search the entire room to find what was in each drawer,box and tin.
And there it all was,in it's proper tidy place.
Isn't it hard to find supplies when they're neatly stored?
It certainly looks lovely!
However,I find it much simpler when every yummy art supply is spread out all over the room.
I need to see the vintage wallpaper,lace bling and buttons!
Now my studio actually looks like a studio,before "Where I create" photos!
Here's a look at Marie Antoinette in her party attire wearing lots of bling.
She's headed to the Palace Ballroom to Boogie under the Disco Ball!
She's lovin' "Barbies and Boy Toys" Absolutely Scandalous!
This 4"x4" petite canvas collage will be listed in my esty shop this afternoon.
Here's a peek~

Have a glittery weekend!