Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Weight Loss Wednesday

This is my first WLW post.
Oh Girls, I need some inspiration.
I seem to do well for a few weeks~biking & walking...
and then "poof"~ there goes my energy.

It's a bit of a shock to have this "I hate exercise" issue, since I have always lifted weights and worked out.
I was also on a swim team. But in the last 2 years....yawn!
In February and right before my 52nd birthday I gently stood on the scale and found to my horror :)
that I was 15 lbs over my favorite weight.
Let me add that I'm 2 years post menopausal, but I don't believe in the theory of
Middle Age Spread.
I don't take any hormones  at all.
Most people think I look healthy.
And I've been Blessed to have been active, had a lean mean body and great genes.
Up Until Now.

I'm the type of person that likes myself quite thin.
I  used to eat really healthy 5 times a day in small 300 calorie mini meals.

Now I live off of Black Red Vines...Pizza Crust...and coffee with caramel syrup.

So add that to no real exercise and well...I resemble a pear.
My goal is to fit into the jeans that I wore regularly up till 2007!
And change my "body compostion" so that it's lean again.
I want my legs back.

And to wear a bathing suit and not feel like
"Shake-a Pudding"
Hey remember that  instant desert from the '60's?
Or the commercial:
Boy opens fridge...Jello wiggles...boy says
"Hey Look Mom! The Jello's Alive!"

Always good to have a sense of humor...:)

So I thought I'd join Weight Loss Wednesday and have to be honest
and report in to you,my Dear Blog Friends, each Wednesday,
 about my progress or lack thereof!
My goal is to lose 12 lbs ,but gain muscle.
Hard to do both at once.
Very hard to give up my Black Red Vines Licorice.
And I don't eat a few pieces...I eat a pound Bag!!!
Time to get off the sugar.

Starting tomorrow...I want to walk or ride my bike each day and do some ab and Lower body work.
And every other day add some arm exercise with weights.
Maybe it will help with all these weak/sore joints I have this year.
I want to feel less like this~

and more like This!

Wish me luck!
Love you all!


Elyse said...

gosh, i hear you, tina!

i gained about 30 lbs since turning 40. i try to be mindful of what i'm eating but i can't seem to refuse a good baked good.

you go girl!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

You can do it, Tina! I can't relate to the red vine thing but ice cream and I do have a special relationship!

I'm not overweight for my height but I look 4 months pregnant! If only I could copy and paste belly fat onto my bony wrists and ankles! ☺ Cutting calories doesn't seem to help me unless it's coupled with LOTS of exercize. ♥

Sophee-a Laroo Bijoux and Sheri too said...

First of all...cut yourself some slack. True the licorice and pizza crust is not the diet of champions but there comes a time in our lives that we need to ENJOY ourselves.

About 4 weeks ago I was 10 lbs heavier...pushing 40~I was 15 lbs above my normal weight and I am not talking my Dream weight...that is about another 15 lbs.

I did have to get real though.....we see our selves different then others. The true key is being Happy & Healthy.

I do Weight watchers online...and it has worked wonderful. I tend to eat 5 smaller meals and that has been the key. portion control. You could still eat your candy and pizza crust if you so desire but you will have to count the points~lol

I have been pear shaped all my life and HATE excercise but lets face it...strenght training and a little cardio will be the thing that CHANGES your body appearance.

I have only focused on the weight at this step at a time. Once I am my goal weight...about 5 more lbs~then I will start to work on the way my body looks.

As woman we need to be each others champions....I think you look fabulous! Here to encourage you on your goals though :)

Sorry, I wrote a book~lol

Shell said...

I will you luck on you weight release journey. What has helped me is that I have meatless days. On the days I don't eat meat, I load up on more veggies, fruits and lighter fare.

roseylittlethings said...

Great goals very attainable! Have a great week!!

Bree said...

I think I'll join too! I need to lose my postpartum weight. I love red vines!