Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Mini Vintage Fashion Show


Oh Just this once!
No reservations required,
since I have enough reservations for all of us!
I won't come to my senses till later...
Apres Post.

I decided to "model" a few Vintage Clothing Listings that I have at Sweetina 
Did I mention that this is also an experiment!?
Will they sell better seen on me....or on the hanger?
I promise not to be offended if you vote on the latter.
I have quite a bit to list the next 2 days, so if it's not in the shop now...
it will be:
But today ~"The Show Must Go On"

Vintage Lacy Top                                           

or this display

Another point is~
You may keep your answers a secret, if not they're favorable to "The Model"


Starting to laugh now..
wearing the Golden Girls Hostess Dress

No I havent moved to Miami...

But let's go relax on  "The Lanai"

OK..the last piece will be listed tomorrow afternoon.
It's a very pretty peach nighty with lace embellishments.
Photos do not show the real shade of gown
Photos are Safe For Work.
Model is also Vintage.

And to my children~I apologise!

Tomorrow I'll add nighty on hanger photo.


Big Hugs My Friends!


Diane said...

Tina, you sure do deserve an applause, the clothes look much better on the model! And wow you are in great shape! I have 10 lbs to loose sounds easy but It has been really hard. I need to be a whole lot stricter.
Darling Post what size? is it a 2-3 Hugs, Diane

Elyse said...

lookin' good, tina! great abs! :)

but i'm too busy cracking up over the golden girls comments. i "get" every reference! in fact, i watched some of an episode the other night on a cable channel! oh, that dorothy!


Anonymous said...

*sweet* your children will be honored to have you as thier mother, beautiful + graceful !
love, diana

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

You go girl!! I think you have some of the longest legs I've ever seen!!!!!! : )

~ Wendy

Bettyann said...

Tina, how glam you are..tall and long aplogies to the kids

Sheila said...

Tina your legs are beautiful. nice and tan under that golden girls duster. In refrence to all my great finds the other day, i go to mabey three places often. I found most at one stop,but a few things at the others. I realy should have taken more time to stage the items for the photo.. Thanks for stoppin in at my blog.. lots of yummys there.