Sunday, December 13, 2009

How's Your Holiday Shopping Going....

Be's wild out there!

When you see "just the right present"~guard it before someone else grabs it!

(The photos above were taken by one of my daughter's University friends in Canada.)
Samantha (my baby girl!) is the Sweetie in the yellow crown.
She started with crowns early......
and magic wands.
Sam's Boyfriend is in the checkered shirt... Not only is he a Knight,he treats Sammy like a Princess.

Samantha and my son Schuyler won't be here this,college,time...;(
When we aren't all together it feels like it's "Pretend Christmas".

Dylan still has a blast and we keep busy so we don't think too much.
This year~after opening gifts, we're heading to see two movies and then coming home for dinner!
Probably The new Disney Movie and Sherlock Holmes or Nine.
No sad Christmas movies

~Here are the latest photos of Samantha ans Schuyler~
(taken by their friends...thankyou friends!!!)

Samantha Christina~ Sammy

Schuyler Victor~Sky or Shoo

~I love you both~

On a brighter note Dylan,me,Abby and Fuzzy always have a fun Christmas morning...
I love the way he forgets his stocking...and then yells "Hey I still have my stocking!"
Just ask all 3~this Mom is a great stocking stuffer!!!
I think Abby and Fuzzy thinks so too.
Remember these from last year?!~Heehee!

While we're in the Holiday spirit~
Here are 3 Christmas Tree ornaments that I made with Vintage Tart Tins/molds
They're in my Etsy Shop!

And I've listed 4 super sweet redecorated Vintage Putze Houses!
I decided to make them into their own little Christmas Scenes and add more sparkle and glitter.

Heehee aren't they fun and different!
Two more additions to the shop are Vintage.
A collectable Singer Sewing Tin

And this Shabby Sweet Talcum Powder Container (with powder!)

Well my Sweeties...before I turn in, here are a few images of my Deery Dear Collection.
The family has grown since last Christmas~heehee!

I'll try to keep posting throughout the holidays and will check all your wonderful blogs.
Happy Happy Holidays Sweet Readers and Friends~


Sheila said...

Tina your deer collection is wonderful. I want to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and your cute pets too.

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Nice to see pics of your grown kids, Tina! I'm thinking of my grown kids too. They were all originally planning on coming for Christmas but now that we are planning on moving out there, none of them are coming! Rats!

Micah opens his stocking first thing on Christmas morning. It's his favorite part of Christmas. That must mean that I'm a good stocking stuffer, too!

Your tart mold ornaments are really cute, Tina! And your deer collection,too! All those big brown eyes!

Sheila said...

Howdy Tina, Thanks for stopping in at my blog. My pup is a bloodhound. I took his photo while he was up on the porch and i was down below, so he would look down at me and be able to show all his wrinkles.. hahaha i would die if some one did that to me..

Priscila said...

hey sweetie pie! I miss you!!!! Love ur blog and catching up! we actually had to cancel our trip to many things were going on. So we hope to go next year around Aug! How is christmas and shopping and all that going? Looks like you are selling well on etsy! Please email me when you get a chance!

Priscila said...

hey tina, this is just a quick note...could you please do this?

I was wondering if you get a chance if you could go to :
and nominate my blog:

All you have to do is sign up and vote for me (add me) PLEASE! :) that would be so helpful!

Pieceful Bits said...

Love your pics!! Sweet deer collection. Hope you have a bright and happy New Year!