Thursday, February 4, 2010

~Two Girly Supply Kits in Vintage Containers~

Today I feel all girly and froufrouy ,you Girls know what I mean, playing with vintage supplies,lace and pretty buttons.
Then I remembered I had 2 really beautiful containers: a pink Vintage Powder Box and a Baby Blue Nabisco Tin. So I filled them to the brim with wonderful goodies to sell as petite supply kits.
Here is the Vintage Powder Box and a few photos of the goodies inside.

I added a few extras as always!!!

Now here is the Baby Blue Nabisco Tin

This tin is filled with supplies that remind one of Marie Anoinette and her lovely Palace Garden.
It even includes the pink and white floral "doily"and a blingy butterfly brooch.

And of course I have added fun extras! Heehee.
Must keep up with the name Sweetina~right?!

My love and hugs to all of you~



Sheila said...

Well Tina you need to play more often in your lace, feathers and frou frou stuff. YOu really got inspired.. Those are some great containers of lovelies.