Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Valentine Decor For The Home

This morning I was perusing though Etsy listings and found some goodies to add a little love to your place on Valentines Day.
Infact most of these could be kept out all year round.

This is the first item that struck my heart.
It's a "color it yourself" poster.
For those of us who don't have a cellphone, it would be a dream to color while chatting away on the landline!
It's  one of those "One for me and one for you" gifts.

Do you do that?
When you're buying a gift and it's so perfect that you have to get one for yourself too.

    This toally qualifies as a "one for you and one for me" gift!
   Available at Summersville on etsy

A red chandelier speaks volumes of love~
Wouldn't you love to swing from this over the dining room table?
Wouldn't you love this placed above your dining room table?
Romance with out all the frou frou.

There are smaller versions available in white and natural.

You can find this beauty at Uncommon on Etsy.

This year, I am all about making a Gallery Wall.
No doubt it will be a WIP for (ever, really!) a few months. The fun will be seeing it evolve and the constant rearranging.
Here's a handmade piece that would bring a dash of love to your display or gallery without being twee.
Below from Monkey and Squirrel

Are you falling in love with these hoop embroideries too?

 Next on the  radar isn't decor per se, but rather storage.
Actually, it's both.Let's see...
(trying to do that Brangelina / Tomkat thing)
so Notworking.
 Anyway, it's a handsome wood vintage printers drawer that's been carefully repurposed into a
eye catching jewellery display.
Stunning and Useful!
You can find this item at Blue Bird Heaven on Etsy
Best to place an order a few weeks early.

Errm~ found one more for the Gallery!
This artistic piece is called "Miss Valentines Love Bird" and is made by Karen of Laventime Dreams .
  If you look at her collar and decollete, you'll see the heart. Definately on my favorite list.

Here is a gorgeous pillow by Handmade in Highbury  .
I love the Scandinavian influence and the simplicity in fabric and color.

Isn't it cracking?

I hope you've enjoyed looking at a few of my favs for Valentine's Day.

xox Tina

Friday, December 31, 2010

New Years Wishes from Arizona

                                                           Snow in the Bradshaw Mountains
                                            My town of Anthem nestled in the Sonoran Desert foothills

                                                               Late Winter afternoon sun

 May your year ahead be filled with sunshine and happiness.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Happy Holidays To All

                                  My thoughts are with you all during this wonderful time of year.
                                                            Enjoy this peaceful post~

Have a Joyful Holiday Season~

Monday, November 29, 2010

December Already?

 The Shopping Stampede has begun at our local Outlet Mall,
  and it's mayhem at the Post Office!
 I need a Segway to get around this mess.
Or maybe just some kid's Razor .
I feel like I'm chasing my tail and spinning a month slower than everyone else!
November definatly went way over the speed limit again, because on Tuesday it will be

Did you join the shopping rodeo that was Black Friday?
Are you still shopping the few hours remaining of Cyber Monday?
Did you find anything special?
Am I asking too many questions?
Drop me a comment~
I would love to hear about your experience.

I had been looking for a very simple Holiday Garland, simple but fun and Scandinavian~ish.
There are so many on Etsy but I was undecided till I found this 
Tania, the artist, blogger and shop owner is so lovely.
Be sure to peek in at indobaytextiles.

In the meantime, I'm concentrating on the vintage decor, housewares, good linens etc and other wonderful things for Sweetina . I've become more interested with home decor and styling little vignettes, more thrifting
and more vignettes!
Hahaha~we all "suffer" from that don't we!?
Hopefully it will make for some fun blogging with lots of photos.

Speaking of which, I do have photos for you this evening.
I've added some more vintage listings to the shop.

                                  First is a Tall Vintage Green Glass Vase
                                               Retro Fabulous

                                 A Pair of Mid Century Bud Vases
                               Simply Stated

      Cobalt Blue and Silver Plate Salt & Pepper Shakers
                                               Perfect Patina

                             Fairytale Biscuit Tin from Chile
                                           Adorable Graphics!
              Handpainted 1950's  Desk Accessory
                             Cards, Thankyou & RSVPs

       And to leave you this evening with a warm smile~
                                                        A Darling Vintage Plush Santa

Sweet Santa Dreams!


Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving and More Listings!

                                                      Early Happy Thanksgiving Friends!
The poor turkey there is probably thinking the same thing I am~
Nice hat, shame about the neck!
I know what you're thinking.
First I'm gone for 8 months-
then I post 2 days in a row.

 My house is Officially on the MLS, so I actually have time to add listings in my Etsy Shop and do a little Blogging.
Now all I have to do (other than continue to fill out job applications) is maintain the place.
But I'm so happy the major work is done.

So before Thanksgiving Festivities and the Bedlam that is Black Friday, I thought I'd show you a few treats in the comfort of your home!

                          Here is a Mid Century Glass Ice Bucket and matching Glasses
                                                           Very dressy and sparkling

                                                  I'm loving this Retro Kitchy Greek Fruit Basket

                                              And it just happens to be in Holiday colors!

                                         For the Francophile~here is a Vintage French "Gilded" Mirror.

                                                          and a close up of the Lady

                           Next is a beautiful and roomy Vintage Biscuit Tin that's made in Belgium.
For the Avon collector, there is a listing for 6 jars together. Sweetly Shabby Chic.

And now it's off to the Grocery Store. It is just my "Baby" (14!) and me again this Season.
We both voted for no big turkey dinner for the second year in a row.
However, we both have a penchant for Peppermint Stick ice cream!
It disappears fast in this town.
I have the 1/2 fat one and he has the real (good) one.
He's also trying the Apple Pie ice cream this year.
You know...since we're forgoing the actual pie.
wonder if they make turkey flavored....

Have a Glorious Holiday My Angels

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Three New Vintage Holiday Listings

Hello Friends!
I'm starting back little by little...and this evening I listed a few cute Vintage goodies in the shop.
Let's have a looksee shall we~

 These adorable large (8 inches when sitting!) Vintage knee hugger Elves.
Wish i had lashes like that heehee!

I also added this adorble set of baby Vintage Holiday Elves in their footie pajamas.
This photo doesn't do them justice...in fact i'm not crazy about these changes on Blogger...but that's another story.
Last is a set of three large Vintage Gnomes.
Love them.
It's taken me a year to part with them!

See what I mean.

Now I'm going to go figure out how to learn the newer Blogger and fix my font colors
and pretty up the photos. :)

Big Hugs!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

~Two Girly Supply Kits in Vintage Containers~

Today I feel all girly and froufrouy ,you Girls know what I mean, playing with vintage supplies,lace and pretty buttons.
Then I remembered I had 2 really beautiful containers: a pink Vintage Powder Box and a Baby Blue Nabisco Tin. So I filled them to the brim with wonderful goodies to sell as petite supply kits.
Here is the Vintage Powder Box and a few photos of the goodies inside.

I added a few extras as always!!!

Now here is the Baby Blue Nabisco Tin

This tin is filled with supplies that remind one of Marie Anoinette and her lovely Palace Garden.
It even includes the pink and white floral "doily"and a blingy butterfly brooch.

And of course I have added fun extras! Heehee.
Must keep up with the name Sweetina~right?!

My love and hugs to all of you~