Sunday, July 27, 2008

Early Early Morning Post

Good Morning!
This is supposed to be a Sunday Post, but it's actually Monday now....early Monday!
I am almost ready to turn in , so I think writing to you will be a lovely way to end the day.
In all the flurry during Etsy Csst Christmas In July, somebody was left on the work table.
Oh Dear!
Little Louisa the Fairy felt quite left out, so after this post,she'll join the the Sugarplum Ladies in my Etsy shop.

Little Louisa the Fairy~ATC/Ornament

In the meantime, why don't you come in and have a peek at what I'm working on.
This was a good size wood box that I have altered into a Victorian Letter,or Salon Box. Although,it's not finished yet, below are a few photos.
I covered the top with gorgeous vintage wallpaper from the sweet Lisa B from Lisabretrostyle.
The bottom is covered in seafoam colored satin~giving it a dressy feel. It's embellised with vintage chenille yarn and pompom trim.
The marvelous bling on the top is from the lovely Crystal whose shop is~ here.

Here is the top view~

The inside hinged lid~

The inside lower~


The box needs something more but I don't know what. So, I'm going to set it aside in the studio until I have that "Eureeka" moment.
Sometimes creativity is like that ,isn't it?!
Call it writer's block , The Doldrums, or "The light's are on but nobody's home". You Know, that blank feeling that pulls down the shade on the idea you just had a few seconds ago.
Come to think of it,this phenomenon seems to occur when I take off my glasses.
I have three pair (precisely for that reason!) yet can't find any when I need to read something.
And the keys.
Is there a quote that says:
"The lights are on but somebody's home and has to stay there because she cannot locate the keys... again"?
I remain grateful though~it could be worse. If I were a parrot, anyone could just throw a towel over me and I'd fall asleep mid chirp!
And on that note~ it's late here in the desert foothills and time for bed. At around 5:30 am , Abby and Fuzzy sneak in to the bedroom and sit about 6 inches from my face and begin their Stare-a-thon, until I get up and give them their breakfast!
Have you ever tried to sleep with someone stare-ing at you? Now imagine that combined with cat purrs and dog yawns! Lol.
But it is a very sweet way to welcome the new day :)

So until next time,my Dears,
Sleep well and have a great Monday,
Big Hugx

2 comments: said...

Poor little Louisa! I'm sure she has forgiven you for leaving her out.

jillian said...

Love your little Louisa. She's just too cute!