Monday, August 25, 2008

~Samantha's Room~

When DMan came home from school,he was hot and tired.
Just as soon as he gulped down a cool glass of lemonade,
he fell sound asleep on the couch.
I'm not going to wake him for homework till six.
In the meantime,let's peek at my daughter,Samantha's bedroom.
Here at the Shabby Ranchette,we have four bedrooms. However,two of them are 10 x 10.
I know, miniscule. But very sweet and cozy.
The trouble is, i had to either take the photos from the alcove,
or in a modified circus performer position.
Here's one from the former:

It's a sweet room and she loves it,even now at 20.
Fuzzy likes it too.
It's the warmest room in the Winter and the Coolest room in the Summer.
It was fun collecting vintage bedding and pillows from everywhere!
I found the pretty blue quilt at a vintage shabby chic store in Phoenix.
I wish i could remember the name. Next time I'm in the city, I'll make a point of finding out so i can post it.
Below is a picture of Samantha's vanity. The reason it looks so tidy, is because she's presently working in Bermuda, earning money for her third year in College. Even though it looks pretty, it's alot more fun when covered with makeup and hair products!
I know all Mom's with College Students feel the same!

Here's a few of little figurines of hers and some of her swimming medals.

Ooooooo~ this looks comfy!

Miss Fuzzy always loves to be in on the action, more importantly, she keeps the bed warm for "Sissy"! And-ahem- loves to lounge. You're a sweet cat,Fuzz.

Here's a little shelf across the room from the bed,holding: (from left to right)
1)Sam's first Beanie Baby that we bought on a "girls trip" to Boston,
when she was 8. We lived in Bermuda at the time,so it was her first trip "Off the island".Her bear's name is "Peace"
2)Here's a tile Sam made me a few years back~i love it!
3)This is a poem Samantha wrote about me, it brought tears to my eyes! I "collaged" it way back when.It means so much to me.
4)Here's a photo of her at preschool! Look at the crown!(We started early with the training!)
And here is a photo of her taken here a few months ago in April.

Aren't our daughters forever our Princesses?
"WotZ That?!"

"I thought I was your Princess!"
"Fuzzy, you are my Fairy Cat."
"I have one Princess and one Fairy Cat"
"Does that make me special"
"Yes it does,Dear Fuzzy."
"Let's take one picture of the pillows and Glowy,Sam's childhood "lovey" before we go.

And now it's time to make the dinner and all the rest of it!
Tina & Fuzzy


Stink Bone Jones said...

Her room looks so cozy! If I were Miss Fuzzy I would stay in there too! Your daughter is just beautiful! Love that vanity too!

Sweetina said...

Thank you Jaime!