Sunday, September 7, 2008

~Shoofly and Glitter~

How is your day going?
I've been making Glitter Houses to list in my Etsy Shop tomorrow.
After I'd finished, I poured myself a cold lemonade and went out on the patio to
photograph them.
Which usually doesn't take more than a few minutes.
About a quarter mile to the South of here is Horse Property.
Ranches actually, with horses,livestock and their companions:flies.
Luckily,the prevailing wind,or good fortune doesn't bring them up
here.(read:we get fined if we leave our garbage can out more than 15 minutes after pickup.)
But, every once in awhile,when the air is very hot and still,a few of the rascals will find their way.
Like this afternoon for instance.
I had my camera in hand,little houses set up... buzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... one fly was all over me like a cheap suit.
That and it was back up to 107F.
So my first photo turned out like this:


I put the camera down and went inside to get the fly swatter.
I waved and swished and swished and waved,to no avail.
Call me impatient,but the heat and the heebie-jeebies sent me back inside for the Spray Starch.
(You read it right)
And for a quarter of an hour,I took my position,defended my ice cold lemonade~
and starched flies.
When the battle was won, I was able to take the photos,uninterrupted.
Here they are below~

This is the first time that I've painted glittered "putz" cottages, and I really enjoyed it! I love sparkling villages and little homes twinkling under the Christmas Tree and on a windowsill or sideboard.
I bought my first glitter house last year from a fomer Etsy store called Gibbergaber and then I found an adorable,sweet little glitter village from the delightful and talented Karla Nathan.

Tomorrow, I need to replenish my supply of "sugaring" and hopefully find some more cottages to decorate.

I've listed these sweet sparkly cottages in my etsy shop in the morning.

Have a wonderful evening,my Sweets!
sparkly hugs and kisses~


Christa from Chloe Rose said...

Your story is so funny. Annoying flies and 107 degree temperature......ouch! I never thought about using spray starch!

Your houses look gorgeous.

Chloe Rose

Stink Bone Jones said...

Those are just as sweet as you! I know how you feel about flies, our problem at the moment are MOSQUITOES! They are driving me mad!

Love those cottages, I'm working on a Halloween cottage right now but I'm keeping it to myself.

Paper Girl Productions said...

OMG!! I LOVE your glitter houses!! How did you know?! I am a pink girl who lives in a gliter house everyday! I faved them and will be getting one for sure before Xmas!! That is hilarious about the fly and love that!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

How sweet! Love those sugary houses!!