Sunday, September 28, 2008

~2nd Post~finished painting primer on Studio walls~

Ok so some of the white primer went on the walls...but most of it got on me!
The first stage is over. Tomorrow color will go on (me)the walls.
If I can choose a color...after spending 2 entire days covering the "before" paint, I have decided to go with the lightest choice on the paint sample.
Unless it looks what you see on me today!
Please note that I am in my painting clothes and have no makeup on!
But here you go!

What color to choose...what color to choose...

La Messy Painter!Or as Dylan would say:
"Mom you look like a Hobo!"
Come to think of it....

...I resemble that statement!
heehee...night all~


Priscila said...

cutest hobo Ive ever seen! I hate painting! just to much prep and time! uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh But looks like your doing good!
Im totally going to get you to make me a cowboy canvas!!!! I have to go do a couple things today but Im deff going to look into getting it!

thank you

Priscila said...

I just re did a dresser we got for free and its vintage too. We primed, sanded, painted and now sanded again! Whats the point of painting if I just have to "mess" it up again to make it look really old? uhhhhhhhhhh hahaha

Julie - Pink Paris Match said...

I happen to LOVE hobo's! ;)

Great job!


Sweetina said...

Thanks for visiting, girls and remember the drawing will be this Saturday Oct 4th! Goodluck!

jthom03 / Jan Thomason / said...

your studio should be close to finished now, huh???
i can't wait to see what it looks like!

thanks for the encouraging blog post re: my break-in! LOL
so far, it looks like no one's in the bathtub:)

warmly, jan

Sweetina said...

Thanks Jan~
I'm going to blog Studio today!
It took a day for the carpet to dry completely.Even in the desert!
Hugs T