Sunday, September 21, 2008

~Happy Autumn~

Happy Fall Sweet Friends!
Here at the Shabby Ranchette, we are still at oven temps during the day, but the nights are cool~ish.
In the Sonoran Desert,we have an Extended Summer.
(Which is not what we really call it)

By Halloween,however, it will be perfect!
The tradition here is for the adults to pull out the "Soccer MoM" chairs and sit with the Treat Bowl out on the sidewalk. That is, if you aren't taking little ones Trick or Treating.
I love chatting with the neighbors and seeing all the adorable and precious Fairies and Princesses! This town has lots of Princesses,even some with four legs!
And I can't forget the Superheros and Ninjas.
Yup~we are well protected here in the foothills.

Don't you just LOVE Fall?
Further "Up the Hill" (110 miles to 8,000ft)in Flagstaff,and about a 2 hour (1.5;)
drive, we can experience the changing leaves,pine aroma and Fall For-real!
At home, I bring out the seasonal decorations and light a 16oz Yankee candle and make Fall and Halloween Decorations.

Below are a few that I'll be listing in the shop tomorrow.
Have a lovely evening, Angels.