Thursday, October 9, 2008

~Friday Oct 10th is Studio Reveal Day~

Good very early Morning Friends,
It's taken me 2 weeks to get the studio finished! Double the time I anticipated.
I painted the walls,furniture and erm... part of the carpet. Yesterday, Tom, the carpet man, came and super cleaned every carpet in the house. Seems I have expanded the studio project into a Fall Home Cleaning and Reorganising Project!
It feels so good to declutter, doesn't it? It makes the place feel so much more serene (and I can find things!)
I went through all the drawers,closets,cupboards and moved the excess to the garage.
That's the next task.
Sorting everything into 4 boxes~
~Yard Sale
~Library Donations
~Magazines for Dr/Dentist Offices
and storing the keepers in the garage cabinets.
Today I'll put everything in the studio and tomorrow morning, I'll post the photos here on Sweetina.
Then it's back to crafting and creating for the Lollishops opening!
See you tomorrow!


Priscila said...

i cant wait to see! It probably looks sooooooooooo good! Im proud of you! Cleaning and painting and doing everything you did is so hard!!!!!!! Takes lots of work! Good job