Friday, October 10, 2008

~The Studio Reveal~

Finally~i have a place for art again!
WoW~I have missed being creative, so I'm really excited to show you the (almost!) finished room. Almost because the desk drawers are still out on the patio untouched...that and a few touch ups and such.Nothing is ever really finished with me~except a (large)bag of Cadbury Mini Eggs. I can finish that!
They come out at Christmas now,you know.
Note to self:
Start exercising tomorrow!

Here are the pics of my new Studio.Excuse flash in some...the camera and I did not see eye to eye this afternoon!

Ta Dah!

I went up "a notch" on the paint! Remember I wanted subtle and serene?!
Now it's colorful and cool!
Anyway I sure hope you enjoyed the photos this evening~
I wish I could write more but I have a dog circling my legs,my son saying "I'm hungry" and a cat on the kitchen counter!"
You know the deal..Friday 5.00PM!!!
Hugs and Giggles~


The Polka Dot Pixie said...

Wow!!! What a gorgeous workspace. The color is perfect and the way you have arranged everything is wonderful!!!

Sea Dream Studio said...

Your studio is GORGEOUS! SO pretty and tidy! I adore it!!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new studio Tina! Your creative juices will flow in such a pretty environment!
xo Roberta

Anonymous said...

*so many pretties and creativity throughout*
Love the Wall Color and furniture and pictures and boxes and so much more!~
xxooxxoo diana

Sweetina said...

Thank you all for visiting and for your comments!
With all the Etsy/Lolli artists displayed in here~yes I will be constantly inspired!
your friend~

Priscila said...

oh my goodness! ITS PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love the wall color...really love the rug on the floor,,LOVE the the little deer and everything else! I wish I could go and just see it face to face...that would be so amazing and fun! You are deff going to make some amazing things in that room! Congrats it beautiful

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Ooooh, it's absolutely gorgeous!!!!! wowowow. I love the wall color--it's so pretty and goes so well with all your beautiful art and knick knacks. I would definitely be inspired each time I walked in there to create some beautiful goodies! Have fun!
Smiles, Karen

sweetmemorymakingmom said...

Tina, Love your work studio. Mine is still being worked on. Seeing yours is motivating me to get back upstairs and finish painting the floor and walls. Stop by and check out my blog this week. I am having a, "GOING PINK~Breast Cancer Awareness Giveaway...on Pink Saturday. Leave a comment to possibly win one of three prizes

Priscila said...

hey sweetie pie,
I got the winnings in the mail yesterday. First of all...thank you! You brightened up my whole WEEK! I opened the box and everything smelled sooooooooooooooooo GOOD!!! haha I kept the fabric like by my nose for a long while! And everything you sent is just perfect! I love everything! The little card with the boy on it reminds me of my youngest son...carter! Toooooo precious! Thank you soooooooooooooooo MUCH!

Sweetina said...

You are soooo welcome,Priscila!
My pleasure entirely~
I love scents and smells too!(to the point where I ask people what laundry detergent they use!!!
So glad you love!

thriftymrs said...

This is utterly beautiful. I love the colour of the walls.

Priscila said...

hey I saw ur comment about how u were that true??? I waS adopted 2

Lisa Cook said...

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog tonight! It is always rewarding to meet new bloggers. I am glad you liked my story about the Victorian scrapbook. And I am in love with your wonderful, colorful studio! Fantastic. You are lucky to have such a spacious creative space. I will stop by again and you do the same.

Priscila said...

I wish we were neighbors too...we would be having so much fun! I want to do the vintage christmas swap with you!!!!!!

Kids Napping? I'm Scrapping! said...

What a pretty studio. I love the color palette! I wandered over here after visiting Priscila at Casa Bella Chic. Lucky Priscila with your giveaway goodies! :o)

Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Your new studio is darling! I love the colors and the decor that you've chosen. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. :)

Bristol said...

Oh my gosh I love it. I really like the paint color. I love the suitcases stacked up and the little desk, very cute~~

Merci-Notes said...

Hi Tina!
Thank you for introducing me to you!!
I love your new studio! We have a lot in common!!! My dining room is a very similar shade, which I adore in your studio, I LOVE DEER, I have a shelf like you have next to your door. (If you have a little girl, this shelf could be used as a fancy adornment over a bed with fabrics hanging down from it.
Well, I could go on but It is wonderful to meet you!
OH, I do not have a "room" persay, just a small walk in closet to work in... so I spill into the kitchen.

With Kindness,

Mary Zoom said...

This is beautiful, very beautiful and soothing. Makes me want to shovel out my studio! LOL

heidi said...

hello ~

love your studio! what a lovely serene yet cheery spot to create!

xo ~ heidi

Stink Bone Jones said...

Your studio is so wonderful and delightful! I bet you are so happy when you walk in there. It definitely would make me want to create too!

Love those ornaments. I will have to check those out in your shop!

Cheryl said...

WHAT a beautiful, beautiful work area. Just how I like it..."clean" and crisp and sweet!

AwtemNymf said...

Pretty workspace! I envy you! (in a good way dear) I have different craft mediums all over the place! *lol*
I'm busy crafting the most this time of year!
Happy Creating!