Saturday, November 8, 2008

~ Crazy (Paper) Cat Lady~

I confess, I've become the stereotypical Cat Lady.
Just like our childhood neighbor, who lived at the top of Hidden Lane.
Our Cat Fancier was the excentric and rather "balmy", Lady Horwood.(i know)
Quite a scary one,that.
Lady H was kind to her 36 cats,and spoke to them with a lovely lilt in her voice.
But not to us troublesome pranksters the sweet neighborhood children.
That lot received The Voice Of Thor.
"Go home, you horrible little pests!"
We couldn't figure out what on earth we had done.

Looking back from my "mature" vantage point, I too would have soaked them with the garden hose!
It must have been very tiresome hearing the endless giggles coming from behind the painstakingly sculpted Pittesporum.
"Bloody Hooligans!"
And rightly labeled.
For example:
Amoung our bag of tricks,was the "Lost Handbag" game.
After dark,we would tie a handbag to a reel of fishing line, and place it in the middle of the road.
It was pretty shameful how many "Good Samaritans" would get off their bike,kneel down and peek inside and then put it back down.
Apparently,Mr.Blaising had a shady side....
If our time-ing was right,we'd pull the line in, and the purse would invisably disappear into the Oleander at the side of the road.
Muffled laughter would ensue.
Until the night Police Constable "Stumpy" fell for the trick and chased us up the hill!
That's another story entirely.

Back to being a Cat Lady.
Since I vowed this would never happen to me, I am placing all but one feline up for adoption at my etsy shop today,and in in my Lollishops store on the 15th.

Come have a looksee~

Ahhh~much better~
happy weekend all!


m i c h e l l e said...

Your cats are SO cute!!!! Thank you for sharing your craziness with the world! :-)

Holly Loves Art said...

What a fun post! I love coming here. Have a wonderful weekend!!


Priscila said...

u always make me laugh! I love this blog!

Merci-Notes said...

Ahhh , A little mischievousness!
And that goes well with all of your kittens too!
Thank you for coming by my blog!
Yes, I do make every bit including the buildings... I do love making them.
With Kindness,

Holly said...

Hi, Tina!

Love your kitties AND you've decorated for Christmas! Fun!

~ Hearts ~

Priscila said...

where are u girl

Priscila said...

im having major sweetina withdrawls

Sandy Michelle said...

Oh my gosh your cat creations are just delightful girl!


Lynne Laura said...

Hi, thank you for stopping by. You can use any of the Round Avery images for the challenge on their site. The picture to use for the challenge is to the right and it is suppose to link back to my blog for the challenge. Hope this helps.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Saucy said...

I am no cat fan, but those are the kind of felines I could live with!

Anonymous said...

what a wonderful story! the cats are so nice but as a dog person, i would like to see some dogs next time!

Holly said...

Miss seeing you post, Tina! Cooooome baaaaaack....


Priscila said...

um...woman....blink blink...sigh....where are u? ...sob sob...i miss u....write me!

Priscila said...

it says that you have a new post but isnt showing it! i have almost everything for our package! Im excited!!!

cindy said...

Having been accused of being the very same thing (crazy cat lady) I can identify! Love the art work, too cute. Love your blog...found you on World Blog! Cool.