Friday, January 23, 2009

Tagged and 6 Tidbits about Tina!

Good Morning Everyone!
It's a "rainy" damp morning here in the desert foothills.
When i opened the door, there was the fresh aroma of "desert after the rain".
Ahhh i love that scent of creosote,sage brush and the Southwest.
What a marvelous way to start the day!
And to add to the bliss...
I Won My First Giveaway!!!
All the way from Niki at Nostalia at Stone House in the UK!
here's a peek at when will be arriving in the post in a few weeks!
I am sooo thrilled! Thankyou Niki!
If you havent been to Nostaligia at Stone Cottage and the shop, please drop by and see what a magical place this is! I am hooked!

I have been tagged by sweet Tina of TinyBear
so now to the Tidbits about Tina part.
Follow me~

1) I am an Island Girl.
And a Water Sprite!

(i'm the giggly one on the right of photo!)

We moved to Bermuda when i was 7 years old and it was my primary home until 2001!To say I swim like a fish, is an understatement. And i'm a Pisces to boot.
I started swimming at 3 and even raced at that age, until my senior year of high school. I feel most at home in the water and spend 75% of it under the surface! My first husband is a former Olympic Swimmer... so my 2 older (actually all 3)children are fish. I love the freedom of being in the ocean or even a pool.I may not look like a mermaid anymore, but i'll always be one on the inside!

2)My dream as a little girl,was to be a dancer. Even as an older girl, I would love to learn competitive ballroom and salsa dancing!
Still dreaming, thankfully :)

I danced as much as possible, right into my early 30's.
Because I was born with "pigeon toes" and it's attendent lack of confidence, I never pursued my dream outside of classes and clubbing.
In Bermuda, we have National Dance Troops called Gombeys. They dance up and down the streets and through the neighborhoods on all the Holidays.
As a very "busy" girl,i'd dance with them all over our Parish(Somerset)and well into the night.
(back when we slept with windows and doors open and unlocked)
Afterwards, the head honcho would walk me back home to my Mom!
The beat of the drums and the music is so intoxicating and still makes me want to

3)I am The Hoola-Hoop Queen!

I can hoola hoop and read a book, hoola hoop down to my knees (used to be ankles!),hoola hoop to the mailbox and back.
I have no idea why!
The sound they make and the colors remind me of my childhood!
Hooray for Hoola-Hoops!

4)I am a Word Floozy.

A veritable vocabulary "rhymes-with-snow"!
I love interesting words and funny phrases, and especially love all the old school British sayings that i grew up with.There are authors who I love just because of their use of words and vernacular.
The voice in my head has always had a British accent,even though i don't.
Must be the echo of former school teachers.
Yup~Words totally rock my boat!
But i am over capitals. After years of feeling the need to be "grammatically correct" i am giving myself a break and abandoning CAPITALS whenever possible.
too much work.
and they're not all they're cracked up to be.
besides, next month i'll be 52.
certain allowances come with this age...heehee!

5)I dislike clutter!

(in the crafting,thrifting business...i know!)
Even though i can be very messy, i absolutely cannot think when my drawers and closets are stuffed and the counter tops are full.
It literally makes my brain feel like it's in the spin cycle of the washer.

Here's the thing that's odd.
I love the shabby chic and cottage style look and would love to have millions of yummy things on display, but alas, i would end up in a straight jacket.
My studio is the one exception.
Most of my flea market finds and supplies are in there, and it usually resembles the town dump.
When i see the beautiful homes you have and the beautiful vignettes and froufrou... i so envy and admire you all!
Isn't it strange that i cannot get comfortable with it in my own home?
My way around this neurosis is with pastel colors and handmade art on my walls.
I also have a lighted curio cabinet for my sweet shabby finds.
I have a few small display shelves that i rearrange often.
(hey, i used to redecorate and rearrange the furniture every 28 days!:)
But yes, I am a total minimalist.
Any suggestions!?

6)I am a happy blogger and crafter.
Blogging has changed my world.
I am such a better person for having "met" you all!
Being a part of the crafting and blogworld has been such a positive influence in every single aspect of my life!
I am much more of an optimist than i used to be.
Who would think that my "relationships" with strangers and now friends would impact every single thing i do.
You make me a better person and I heart you all!
Thanks you so much, Tina~
this has been both scary and fun!
candy hearts and love,


Kristen said...

I absolutely LOVE your childhood photos~ they are soooooo SWEET!!! I loved reading your Tidbits, thanks for sharing :)

Nostalgia at the Stone House said...

Hi Tina,
Congratulations again on winning my giveaway! Don't forget to let me know where to send your prize!

Loved your tidbits - what a wonderful upbringing you had.
You seem so full of life - good for you!

Hope tomorrow will bless you with another great start to a wonderful weekend,

Keepsake Cakes said...

oh what fun~ love the hoola hoop picture!

Have a great day!

Chelsea Ann

Creative Vignettes said...

Loved this entry. I don't think you need suggestions, just be who you are. Like what you like! I just did a massive decluttering, reorganizing. It feels like freedom when that's done. Cheers,
Abby Lanes

Anonymous said...

~hello mermaid!~
*go water girl* "water" is one of my most favorite creations, used to teach water aerobics + play(ed) mermaids in the swimming pool! ~ adore shabby cottage (your studio is darling) and i'm happier when everything is organized + to live simply! ~ you are a doll! thanks for your sweetnesses and being so "proper"! xxxooo diana

TattingChic said...

Congratulations on winning a giveaway! Aren't they fun? You won some fabulous goodies there!!!
That island photo is adorable of you as a child. How amazing to grow up in Bermuda!

Holly said...

Hurray for Tina winning the give away! :>

That Hula Hoop pic is really cool. I never was good at spinning one but I also love the sound and the colors.

It was fun to read all your facts.
Isn't it funny when you sit down to write those "things about me" things? It gives occasion to reflect, doesn't it?

And it is interesting to watch and be a part of this "Internet relationships" culture. I love studying different cultures and sub cultures. It's so fascinating how many different people groups there are just here in the states!

Hope you have a great week end, Tina!

~ ♥ ♥ ~

SarahD said...

great photos and congratulations on winning a giveaway

gin said...

Great post. Seems like you have it all together!!