Monday, February 16, 2009


Like the Inuit/Native term for a very cold night.
(and the '70's band)
But with a twist.
I wanted to catch up on blog posts and stay warm without running up the energy bill.
And so here is my version
of a 3 dog night.

*fuzzy walmart jammies with the hearts
*very cozy queensize bed.
*One Fuzzy marmalade (snoring!)feline.
*tons of pillows
*warm laptop
*a downy duvet.
*warm cup of Earl Grey tea
*my favorite candle flickering on the bedside table.

Hang On a minute....

I'm not 85!

And it's Valentine's Weekend!
Shouldn't this be a more exciting scenario?
Oughten I be in the company of
Johnny Depp a Scalliwag Pirate?

And partaking in something
rathermore romantic and adventerous?!
Like sailing the deep blue sea?

Well yes.. obviously but this year (heehee ;) with the ship in port for repairs and all...I am quite content to have a warm,peaceful night as a landlubber.

I had such a nice relaxing time,infact, that I posted not once~ but 3 times!
Just for fun here are some photos of vintage finds:

Here is a darling retro mushroom painting (original). I painted the "bamboo" frame in an ohso glossy retro pink. It turned out so cute!
I will be listing this in my Etsy Shop later in the week.

Here is an original signed Wallace Nutting handpainted photo. These are very collectable and are quite dear on Ebay. It is a signed original in it's vintage frame.
It is fairly valuable, however i will price this nicely.
This treasure will be available also in my Etsy shop.

For some eye candy and sparkle~ here is a sweet set of 4 vintage champagne glasses.
Two are pink and two are blue. They are translucent and embellished in gold.
In good vintage condition.
Will be listed as a set, on etsy.

They are even prettier in person!

And last, but not at all least~
a lovely gesture by the talented and sweet Elyse of Cottage ~a Treasured Blog Award
from her lovely blog!

She is such a sweetheart and so creative and she has such a beautiful blog.
Have a looksee if you haven't discovered this marvelous treasure!
Thankyou again Elyse~I a honored to have your award here on Sweetina.
Well there's alot more to read~with 2 more new posts!
Until next time,friends~


Holly said...

Hey, Tina! Three Dog Night! Woo-hoo! The first album I ever bought when I was 10? years old! ☺ After that it Was Rod stewart.

That shroom pic turned out really cute! And those glasses are so colorful and unique!

Have a great day, Tina! ♥

ittybittybirdy said...

hey girl~ come over and see what party favor is coming your way! E-mail me you address...

CurlyfrySC's Collage said...

I love those champagne glasses! Let me know when they are listed and I'll take a look.