Monday, February 16, 2009

~Giveaway winnings from the UK~

In January,I entered my "eleventieth" Giveaway...just kidding...but i enter alot and finally...
The host was Nikki of Nostalgia At The Stone House
Nikki is a lovely,welcoming and creative woman whom I admire very much, so I was thrilled.
I had been an English Schoolgirl,back in the early '70's on the tail-end of Carnaby St,Mary Quant and The Great American Disaster on King's Road.
Lately, I had been rather nostalgic myself,for anything British.
So this was like Kismet!
The parcel arrived in a huge red and gold box and filled with the most beautiful handmades and vintage prizes.
I have put some things away in my supplies before this post...but wanted you to see
these photos after the long trip to Arizona from the Uk!
Here are the handmades.

Beautiful! The pillow,the doll and the tiny dolls sweater (jumper) are all handmade!
I am thrilled! Nikki is very talented.
Here's a closer peek at the sweater.

And here are 2 beautiful Vintage postcards,millinery,embriodery thread,the sweetest candy dish and a 2009 pocket datebook.

Also included are a sweet green and white doily and a very pretty hankie i use it to pretty up my breakfast corner below.

Thankyou Nikki!


Shell said...

Congratulations on winning the giveaway and getting the blog award. You got lovely creations for the giveaway and your early birthday package!! Beautiful!! I enjoyed reading all 3 posts.