Monday, February 16, 2009

~Sweet Surprise~

One afternoon late last week, i opened the mailbox, and under the stacks of junk mail there was a parcel addressed to me. It was sent from my good friend Jaime of StinkBoneJones all the way from Florida.
Had I ordered something?
Eeee! It was a surprise Birthday Package!
Jaime and I were partners in September's Fairy Swap, and had so much fun creating fairy goodies for each other. We also emailed back and forth,as "swappies" do,
and with a touch of a fairy wand *tink* we became friends!

This wonderful Birthday parcel was such a surprise and so thoughtful! Jaime really made me jump over the moon with glee!!!
Isn't it wonderful to be remembered and thought of?
I felt very very special in that Birthday Girl way!
Thankyou so much Jaime!
Here are the lovely presents below.

In the first photo:
a gorgeous Marie Antionette inspired "Let Them Eat Cake" Collage~ made with the most beautiful cake,flocked wallpaper,millinery and pink (scream!)pompom trim on a beautiful plaque.

Even though my b-day isn't till the 28th...I already have it hanging on my bedroom wall! Heehee...I was never very good at waiting to open things!

Here is another handmade yummy.

Like so many women, I adore all things Marie Antionette and cake inspired!
I just love this Marie Posie that Jaime made out of aqua and white crepe,glitter and a beautiful Marie miniature portait.
Also in my bedroom to be seen first thing in the morning and at night~
for Magestic Days and Royal Dreams!

Also in the parcel~
two vintage party(nut*)cups.
I prefer the term party cup because somehow the term "nut cup" brings to mind (for me atleast...unless you have all been thinking the same thing too ;)something guys wear for football.
I'm just sayin'.
So... check out these vintage party cups,handmade notelet and...

I am going to slide this baby onto a vintage necklace i have, and truly Sparkle on my Birthday!
Thankyou again so much!

Please zip over to Jaime's as I am sure she would love you to say Hi!She has a lovely blog and a super shop with handpainted childrens and babies clothes,posies,glittery party buckets,banners and wait till you see her
newest creation!Scream!!!


Peggy. said...

What pretty stuff! Your a lucky girl.

roseylittlethings said...

Wow, what a lucky birthday girl you are! I love it all and love all the goodies you won in the post above! TOO pretty!

Stink Bone Jones said...

I love all your goodies that you will have in your Etsy shop soon. That mushroom with pink frame is too cute! Thanks so much for the wonderful blog post and bright pictures. I'm so happy that I made you happy!