Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Laptop/Camera broken!

Hi Sweethearts!
I have not forgotten you. I miss you all so much!
First, my camera is still broken and my computer cord and battery need replacing. Ugh...I am so frustrated and feel withdrawals from not blogging!
Hopefully it will only be another week or two, when I'll make my comeback on the blogging scene.
Maybe, I can have a giveaway as a celebration then! heehee!
I am using the computer in the library today.
Till then I am thinking of you all and sending big wishes of happiness and health.


Shell said...

When my computer crashed, it was so horrible for me.I can completely understand. Glad your checking in. Take care.

Holly said...

I *had* wondered where you were and thought maybe you started working somewhere! I've cut back on blogging a lot now that it's Spring but I wouldn't want to cut back all together! ♥

Stink Bone Jones said...

I've wondered where you've been. I'm glad to know that you will reappear soon. We always miss you. I have new pics of Stink bone jones from his 3rd birthday to share over at my blog.

Priscila said...

Hi Miss Tina,
I just wanted to say thank you for all the love you sent our way! You are precious to us and I just love you to pieces. Carter is amazing and is doing amazing. You wouldn't even know that he was dead or in really bad shape a couple days ago.

thank you for all the love

Anonymous said...

Hey chick! I miss seeing you on blog land!!! Hurry up and get that computer fixed! Let me know when you back! BIG BIG mermaid hugs

Builders victoria said...

So sorry for your laptop.. :-(