Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Big 13!

Hello my Sweet friends!
I'm back and so happy to be blogging!
On June 2nd,my youngest child,Dylan turned 13!
Being the baby in a family of 6(3 of my natural children and 3 of my hubbys),he has always been in a rush to catch up.
The 365 days between 12 and 13 was especially long for him.

Dylan's race to grow up started at the age of 6.
He would ask me every few months:
"Mommy,how old am I now?"
and I said
"You're 6 and a quarter!"
By December he asked:
"Mommy, am I 7 yet?"
"No DMan, but you're 6 and a half~you're already halfway to being 7!"

That revelation seemed to satisfy him, and he would run and jump and say:
"Mommy,am I running faster and jumping higher cuz I'm 6 and a half?!"
"Oh yes! Much faster and higher!,Sweetheart!"
"Mommy,(on his tip toes)look how much I grew today!"
"Oh my, Son!... yes,you have grown soooo much!"

By April,when all his big brother's birthdays had passed,impatience started brewing again.
I reassured Dylan that he was now 6 and 3 quarters and that there was only a month and a half to wait.
(forever when you're young..not so forever at 50+, right!?)
"Mommy can we count the days?"
"Yes Angel, we can get the calendar and count the days!"

The children have birthdays in February,March,April,May (both girls) and June.
Then we have 6 months to catch our breath and save for christmas shopping!

In May the same year,Dylan continued to remind everyone that he was 6 and 7 quarters then 6 and 9 quarters,followed by 6 and 10 quarters!
The last week of May,when we went to the Pediatrician for his yearly checkup,
the Doctor asked:
"Dylan, How old are you now?"
and he said proudly:
"I'm 6 and 17 quarters!"
The doctor said back~
"Wow! That's alot of quarters!!!"

So this year...and all year, D kept reminding us that soon he'd be a Teenager and not a Preteen.
(After all, he was a Preteen since he was 9.heeheehee!)

So on the morning of June 2nd~the Big Day arrived.
I woke him by whispering~
"Happy 13th Birthday,Dylan!"
He smiled and ran to look in the bathroom mirror and came back and asked:
"Mom,do I seem different to you?
Does my voice sound different?
Is it deeper?
"Do I seem more like a teenager now?"
And I said~
Yes Dylan...you really seem like a teenager now!"

Here are a few photos of the Birthday Teen!

Thanks for joining in his celebration with us!


Holly said...

Hi, Tina! ♥

Happy birthday to Dylan!

I had one who was born grown up. He wanted to marry at 16 but ended up having to wait until he was 20! Bless his heart, he has dimples and chubby cheeks and so much to his dismay, he's always going to look young!

Come see me!

TattingChic said...

Happy Birthday to the TEENager! WOO HOO!
That is such a cute post. I am the youngest...I remember feeling out of sorts that I was not as big as everyone else...now that I'm "middle-aged" it's awesome that I"m not as "old" as everyone else in the fam, LOL!

Priscila said...

Happy birthday! So glad you are back...I miss u alot

Shell said...

Hi Sweetina, glad to see your back. Tell Dylan I said Happy Birthday.
I remember when I turned 13 and how I was so excited to be a teenager. I felt like I was grown.

Boracay accommodation said...

happy sweet 13.. Happy Birthday!

TattingChic said...

Hi Sweetina!!! Boy, you really live up to your name, dontcha!?

I just came back over to say thank you so much for your very sweet and supportive message you just left on my blog!

((Hugs)) to you! :)

Lisa Loria said...

I have a Dylan also who turns 16 this Thursday, June 25th. My Dylan celebrates his half B-day on Christmas Day and every Christmas, never forgets to remind us that he is half way to his next B-day We call him D-man too! Funny. Mine is the youngest of 3 boys. Crazy how the birth order plays with one.

Happy B-day Dylan!

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

he's darling and oh, my gosh, he looks FOURTEEN!! wow for him.
your story could have been written by me referencing any three of my boys! i loved it...

and, on fb, tell me that's NOT a snake around your neck. LOL