Monday, August 17, 2009

The Bouganvilla That Ate Up New York CityArizona

Good Monday Morning to you,friends!

As you can see, my bouganvilla has taken over a quarter of the back yard.It's now 10'
x 14'.
It should be assigned it's own zipcode!

Quite frankly,I think it's too spectacular to trim.
That is until the flowers fall into the neighbor's pool.
Then the doorbell will ring.
Isn't it Summery!?

Today is Dylan's first day Back To School.
Seventh Grade.
He was not amused when the alarm went off!
It's difficult when you're not a morning person,then add the fact that it marks the end of Summer Vacation.
Freedom from homework.
And Mom taking his picture through the window~humiliating him.
Poor Lovie~ look at his expression and body language in these photos!

Fuzzy sat at the window with me, watching him until the bus left.

They'll be no more forts until the weekend.

Summer has passed far too quickly hasn't it Fuzzy? Yes, I know you'll miss your sidekick today, but he'll be home by 4:00.

"Wot?! Four you say? I'll have plenty of time for a nap then."

Meanwhile Abby knows she's going for a walk today and is very happy.

But here's a secret...she's also going to have a bath. Abby has accumulated a layer of desert dust!

This is going to be a crazy mixed up post with lots of photos.
I have a few collections to show you,followed by additions for the shop.
Grab a cup of coffee or tea and sit for a spell.

I'll start with vintage goodies and collections around the Shabby Ranchette.

Here is my beginners collection of Deer.

The set of 3 plastic deer are a present from my dear dear blogger friend Jan of
The Polka Dot Farm.
She knows how much I adore vintage deer/fawn.
The tall pink deer is also from Jan
when we did a trade.My first trade ever~it was so much fun!Granted everything is fun with Jan!

Here is a vintage 7UP crate that I bought from here.

Some of my miniature treasures are displayed here in their little cubbies.
Oh here's another dear from my wonderful friend Priscila of Casa Bella Chic. It arrived in a huge parcel of goodies and supplies!
By the way,Priscila is opening a new website shop called Little Miss Heirlooms and just like everything she does,it's going to be so very sweet!

Here is my collection of original Robertson's Gollywogs! I love the fact that they are in a band.Robertson's was the jam we had in Bermuda and the UK. The gollywog used to be their trademark.Not so much anymore I think.

Below are two metal and glass vintage finds found at Goodwill. I painted them white and use them for candles. I love the Swedish Gustavian feel of them now.

Last Winter, I took part in the Birds of Change Exchange (see button in sidebar).
We each handmade 5 birds and received 5 in return. I want to find a branch and paint it aqua for a better display, but for now they're hanging on a Victorian birdcage (also painted white!)

Here they are again on a fabulous Midcentury cabinet.The top is a large grey and white marble slab. Wouldn't it look classic painted dove grey?
Must add to TO DO list!

Ok~ now onto a few new listings that will be added to
the shop tonight or tomorrow morning. Depending on Homework!

Here is a classic book for the "Perfect Homemaker" by the famed Heloise.
Have a peek at some of the illustrations and helpful hints! It is in excellent used condition.


A very lovely treasure that will be for sale is a beautifully illustrated Holy Bible.
First translated in A.D.1611 and revised in 1952.Book measures 6.5"x4.25".
Have a look at the cover and detailed pages below.

he Lord's Prayer is on the inside leaf.
And here are two of the many illustrations.

Here is a very rare vintage book called "Historia Filozofii"
A large Polish Book first published in 1933.The entire text is Polish and the pages are perfectly aged,but in very good condition.

Here's a look on the inside.

There will be 3 Vintage Little Golden Books at Sweetina also.

Only 3 more listings to go....are you comfy? I hope so!

For the Fairy Princess in all of us~
This is a beautiful illustration printed on nicely textured cardstock. It measures
5x7" and would look so pretty in an ornate frame.

This beautiful shabby chic floral wallpaper border will be sold as a single listing.
It would look so cottagey on a bedroom or bathroom wall. It's a 30 foot roll and 8 inches wide.
Pastel and in perfect condition.

My Final item for today is one of my favorite creations. A cottage style collage measuring 9"x8" (14" at top of hanging vintage seam binding). It's made entirely of Vintage wallpaper and supplies. The Emily Dickenson quote says:
"We turn not older with years~but newer every day."

Thankyou so much for visiting with me this morning and reading this lengthy post!
Wishing you a wonderful evening from the Sonoran Desert~


TattingChic said...

Wow! It's back to school time already! What a fun post. Bougainvillea is so pretty, but boy, does it ever get messy as the petals fall, LOL!
That cat looks like 'e doesn't know WHAT to think of those pictures, LOL! I LOVE cats.

Jan (J.T.) Thomason said...

hey, girlfriend!
where in the world did you find that vintage wall paper border. that is soooooo precious!
you got some good deals and your collections are great!

xoxo, jan

Priscila said...

hey sweetie pie,
we are going to brasil for christmas. I think we will stay untill a little after new years...should be fun. Carter has never been and christian went when he was like 5 months old.

Do you know of any halloween swaps going on? Im really in the mood for halloween spookieness! You should host one!!