Sunday, October 11, 2009

Influenza and Sparkle?

Hello My Sweets!
Slow Weekend here at the Shabby Ranchette.
Dylan has been quite sick with the Flu since Thursday night.
He's exhausted and flat on his back~poor Angel.
Even when boys are 13 they need to be Mommied and doted on like babies.
Come to think of it~it's the same way for them whether 3,13,25 or 59!
But that's ok...cuz I love taking care of him.
His fever reached 104F Friday Night and he was delirious.
(I used to get that way with a fever)
Last night it was "down" to 103/102.8F.
Today he was sitting up and his temps were down to 100F.
I think, he has another few night of discomfort and fever.
Don't you find the fever rises at night?
We're a High Fever/Low Regular Temperature family.
When I was 5, I had the measles (1960!) and my fever was 107.5F
I had a Registered Nurse for a month.
After that it was normal for me to have 105 temps when I was ill and back to the icey bath tub.
No kidding~ they would fill it with ice and cold water and put me in there.
Doctors made housecalls back then.
For my children and me~our regular temperature is 97.F
Odd isn't it?
So instead of  a post with lots of pics~
heres a little sparkle for you to enjoy!

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1. My bedroom chandelier, 2. chandelier, 3. Dining Room Chandelier, 4. venezia - doges palace chandelier, 5. Chandelier, 6. Exquisite Rose Stunning 6 Light French Chandelier with Pink Roses, 7. Italian glass chandelier, 8. Ellis Island Chandelier, 9. Swinging from the chandelier, 10. Chandelier - Arabia Shrine, 11. The chandelier, 12. Chandelier, 13. Shabby Chandelier, 14. Musical Chandelier - on Explore # 412, Dec 7, 2007, 15. Pink Chandelier, 16. Chandelier

Click mosiac to see the chandeliers in detail!
Have a wonderful day


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Poor Dylan! Hope he's all better soon so he can enjoy autumn! ♥

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

I hope your son is feeling better soon. I always get so nervous when my boys have a fever. I remember when my oldest son was about 4 he had Coxsackie Virus and his fever was so high that he, too, hallucinated. He told me he wanted his mommy and when I told him I was his mommy he didn't believe me. God only knows what he was seeing. Very, very scarey!! God bless and I hope everyone else is okay. : )

~ Wendy

Penny @ The Comforts of Home/Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hope Dylan is all better!! Your chandies are lovely.

Lynne said...

I hope you are all fit and well now.
Love the kitty pic below.