Thursday, October 8, 2009

Halloween and Pretty New Listings

Hellooooo All!
Have you put your Hallowe'en decorations up? Do you go "all out" or just have a Jack O'Lantern?
We kind of dressed down this year.Not according to Dylan.
He said if I added "One More Thing" he would blow a gasket!
Duly Noted!
First I'll show you a few fun spooky photos this evening and later I'll show you some new listings at Sweetina
So let's get in the mood for the 31st together~shall we?

Oh My!
Beg pardon, I'm so frightfully sorry!
Let's start over.

Here's Jill and Jack O'Lantern.
Jill is a kitty pumpkin with ears and the blue light.

Close up of Jill

Jack looks Happy to be out of the garage cabinets...and to have a partner this year.

Spider against the late night "Mackarel Sky"

Fun Candelabra from Michael's. It's completely covered in black glitter and so macabra!

Spideys blowing in the cool (yay!) desert breeze.

Happy Early Halloween Everyone!

Now I want to show you a few rather special new listings at Sweetina
There are some romantic and fun Vintage Clothing below.

Here's a very romantic pastel blue vintage bed jacket. I just love the flouncy collar.

Here is a stunning blouse with beautiful detailed sleeves and embroidery throughout.
I see it paired with a pencil skirt,heels and a string of pearls.

Next is a sweet 1950's blouse,also in excellent vintage condition. I adore the white,pink and green soft plaid.

And more detail...

Now to present my new favorite in the Vintage Clothier SectionLet's fly down to Miami and sit on the Lanai with The Golden Girls!
Are you ready?

Look at the colorful floral pattern,gold polka dots and great buttons!
Everyone on stage for the Calypso number,please!

Now a few other vintage treasures.
I wish I could list them all,but I'm afraid we'd all be falling asleep there are so many now!

Here is a very pretty sapphire blue and gold vase.

Wonderful for flowers of all Seasons.

Do you need a portrait frame? I have the perfect one~so Victorian and rich.

I was so tempted to keep this vintage Christmas Recipe Box,but I'm not much of a cook. Actually, I rather dislike cooking altogether!

Aren't the chior boys adorable!?

And a cute Christmas Tray!

And lastly this evening, are two super sweet Mary Englebright boxes. Since they are not officially Vintage,I can't list them on Etsy. However, if you would like to purchase them just convo me @ Sweetina

Well friends~have a wonderful night all over the World!


Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Hi, Tina! I dislike cooking, too but I'd have kept the box! ♥

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

Lots of wonderful new goodies for your shop!! I'm with Holly - Girls At Heart. I would've kept the box, too!! :) By the way, I LOVE the kitty peeking thru the hole!!

~ Wendy

Lori said...

hee hee, i love the peeking kitty pic...that is SO have a lot of great goodies in your shop...i ADORE the ruffly blouse...and i am really loving your satin hangers too, they are so pretty!!!

Household 6 said...

I also love the creamy long sleeved blouse... what size is that? I checked your Etsy but didn't see a size listed (unless I'm going cross eyed from too much blog-surfing tonight!)