Monday, October 19, 2009

Cave Creek Arizona

      Cave Creek Arizona

A few weeks back,I said that I'd take you on a photo tour of the Town of Cave Creek.
It's about 15 miles west of here and a beautiful drive.
Many of the original townsfolk purchased land/homes for a song and now the land itself is worth millions!
Some of the homes are originals,some ranches and then there are the mega homes on Black Mountain.

Over the years, Cave Creek has thrived as an Old West town. It's surrounded by the mountains,saguaros and populated with many artists, family shop owners, cowboys and desert wildlife~like deer,javalinas,bobcats and such during the day.And cowboys at night.

Now it's quite a tourist attraction in the Winter. Bikers come through here to cool off. Nice bikers though....well behaved.
Mostly Vets and Dads,that are North of 50.
Just as soon as I win the lottery ~and give to charity and family, I think I'll buy one of my places here.
And no not for the Bikers and Cowboys!

So are you ready for fun photos?
Some are just of signs, but my goal was to capture the essense of the Town, rather than do the usual postcard photostock thing.

So here we go~
The first place we'll go to is an indoor/outdoor shop called
"The Town Dump"
Here they sell mainly rusty and wood archetectural finds and metal muledeer,trolls,flamingos...  oddities.

Anyone want a metal deer?!

I love the garden sized windmill and the Talavera Pottery

And look at this big Texas Star. (if I'm wrong about the Texan part,my apologies to all my Texan Friends!)
I love it.

The hissing turtle...not so much....

Here are some wonderful doors that could be repurposed as a table or fitted into your own home.
The colors are so nice and worn.

And here is a nice weathered , formerly "white picket fence".
It would make sense in my yard.
That dream never really came true for me!

I'll bet you never knew that flamingos grow on trees.(just like spaghetti!)
 Look's like someone had a game of Horseshoes , but threw the flamingos instead....
 must've been after stopping by the saloon.

Let's go inside and see what they have in there.
 At this point, nothing would surprise me.
well almost nothing...

 except maybe a Bowsprit!
Yup~smack dab in the middle of the desert.
Told you the town was eccentric!
At least some of her "Lady Areas" are covered
Isn't she modesty there...
The cat next to her is gobsmacked ,as you can see!

Oh Hello Frida~Fancy meeting you here~
What a pretty dress!
Infact we're pleased as punch that you are dressed!

This photo doesn't show the inticate beauty of this carved door.
And the urn is made of metal. I wish the lighting had been better.

"Well Hello Dolly"(s)
Here are some interesting plaster dolls,painted in bright colors.

There's quite a selection.

They're pretty festive and a little spooky.
but I still wouldn't want them staring at me in a dark bedroom!


Ok I get it...The Original London Bridge is in Lake Havasu,Arizona.
So it would only make sense that a British Phone Booth would be in Cave Creek,Arizona.
Makes Jolly Good Sense!

Which way to the door? Let's get out of the Town Dump and back to reality.


Lets go outdoors...

Here's a real windmill! It's twirling in the breeze

The sky really is that blue out here.

Don't you love this Buffalo?

I have a question for you ( I don't know the answer...)
Is a Buffalo a Bison or cousin of the Bison?

          And here's the front of the of several.

As long as we're going that's another Watering Hole.
(Pardon if this is offending anyone!)

I must admit, I just love the tall saguaro next to the name...Indeed!


          This view of the hardware/feed store and mountains in the distance is pretty.

The Blue Coyote~it's such a cute building!

Here's Schoolhouse Rd, which I've posted before.
Definately one of my favorite roads in the area.

Peppers drying outside the motel~naturally~

                                  They sure are gorgeous .We hang them in the kitchen.
                                                     They're Wylie Coyote Hot!

Here's a nice little desert vignette~

I've seen this saying on an Urban Outfitters Tee Shirt!
It resonates well with the artist population in town.

Here's a closer view below.

This lovely lady is painted in the back of "Big Earl's Greasy Eats"

And this one is in the front

These stunning carved doors are infront of a consignment store called The Lazy Lizard.

Lots of Frida going on...

Here's a very old beautiful cloth book I bought at an Antique Shop here.
I will definately share it on another post.

And on the way out of Town, I saw this cute food truck!

and the back...

And so our tour ends for the day.

I sure hope you got a flavor of Cave Creek.

Bye now



Sheila said...

What fun you must have had. Thanks for sharing those wonderful photos..

Wendy McDonagh-Valentine said...

You must've had a wonderful day!! I love the pickets and the windmill. Thanks for all of the wonderful pics. :)

~ Wendy