Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~Time To Write To Santa~

Dear Santa,

This year I have two choices on my Christmas List.
I would like a  Model T Ford
 a Stateroom on that new luxurious Ocean Liner.
It's quite a prestigious event,as it's the maiden voyage.
Being on the sea in April, would be simply marvelous~
With love,Prudence.

Hi Sweets!
I ,personally,haven't written a list because I'm "Skipping Christmas" this year!
My husband doesn't believe me.
He know's that by mid December ,I'll be pulling out all the decorations and lights.
It will be the same silly scenario...the bad language and nasty faces,
as I string the lights around the house.
( neighbors~keep the children inside)
You may let them back out for the decorating bit.
By then I'm jolly.

Christmas in my little studio is already here.
I have several creations going on right now.
There are some that have been finished ,which will be in the shop by tonight.

Here's an early peek.




Poor Joyce....she was dreaming of Gil.

                      Here is a set of petite cottage style frames with vintage greeting card images.


                                                     And a closer look at each

Below is a snuggly snow couple.

A '50's Girl waiting for Santa...

dear Rudolf The Red Nose Reindeer~

And a sweet little girl in need of a nap!

And lets all hope that Prudence made the right decision concerning her Christmas List!

Smiles and Hugsxx


april o. @ the artchics said...

Love them! I can't believe how fast it is sneaking up on us!

Bettyann said...

so sweet..ah still have some of those cards in my memory box...